Day 19

I woke up 10 minutes before my alarm but slept like a rock.  Got about 9 hours of sleep.

Still wasn’t excited about breakfast so I added some fruit to spice things up, lol.  I had my typical 3 eggs, with my mix of veggies and 2 pieces of bacon, a banana and water.

Since I can’t indulge in Pumpkin beer right now I bought Pumpkin Spice coffee, YUM!

Re-visited the lunch I made yesterday.  Since I thought I overcooked the chicken a little I decided to cut it up into smaller pieces and mix in some mayo (homemade) with it and heat it up.  It definitely soaked in the moisture so it was better today.  I also heated up some leftover roasted brussel sprouts as well as some carrots.  Had my seltzer on the side and overall it was an alright lunch.

On my way to CrossFit I had 2 hardboiled eggs.


1:00 minute Push-up test (i got 25)

Met-Con – 21-15-9
Kettlebell Swing
Cash Out – Runx2

My time was 6:54 🙂

Had my recovery shake on my way home

Had some leftovers – chicken thighs with spaghetti squash.

Today was a good day.  My hip is really bothering me (usually does) so need to work on stretching and icing it more and icing  so I’m ready for the race on Sunday.  Food still isn’t anything I desire still.  Although today I really wanted some Mexican food (2 hard tacos – with cheese and sour cream, a side of queso and chips) – weird.

On to day 20 (can’t believe it!)…


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