POST WHOLE30 – Cheese; have I missed you?

I woke up feeling the love.  After posting my blog last night with my pre and post pics I was a tad nervous putting myself out there but woke up with lots of words of encouragement on Facebook so knew it was worth it.  Thanks everyone 🙂

Got 9 hours of sleep and woke up feeling refreshed.  Today is DAIRY day – let’s see how I do …

I made some sweet potato hash, had 3 scrambled eggs with cheese and 2 pieces of bacon with my water and fish oil.  Wow, for people who know me they know my LOVE for cheese.  I have had cheese in my eggs before and its always been tasty.  Today, it didn’t taste well…. ahh, did my taste buds change on cheese?  NOOOOO … Stomach still feeling okay so we shall see how it goes the rest of the day…

Had my cup of coffee as I started my day.

Well I am happy to announce, no side effects (yet!) from my cheese this morning. So when I made my chicken, broccoli and cauliflower casserole on Monday I mentioned I was hoping it was “creamier” – well I I was able to feed into that craving today with my lunch.  It was worth the process and everything.  “Pistachio Pesto Chicken Pasta” once again from  Wow, its creamy goodness and tasty all in one.  I hit the jackpot with this lunch … go ahead, make it yourself – you won’t regret it!

Wanted to get some more dairy in – still feeling good.  I decided to have a greek yogurt, I haven’t missed yogurt but I wanted to see what it did my system.  So far so good, it tasted super sugary though.  I had my banana with cashew butter as well.

Had my progenix shake on my way to CrossFit

Today’s WOD

Today’s warm-up and strength session was a good one.  I was pretty much sweating the entire workout today.

Met-Con 1
AMRAP for 3 minutes
Clean > Thruster > Back Squat > Push Press

I got 12 rounds

Met-Con 2
AMRAP for 3 minutes
12 wall ball
12 box jumps

My time was 7:32

Had my recovery shake on my drive home

Had my leftovers again of the chicken thigh, broccoli, cauliflower and mushroom casserole.  Still good.

Overall dairy didn’t bother me today (good news) but cheese tasted different (in a not good kind of way) so that was interesting.

On to the next day …


POST WHOLE30 – freaking fantastical day!

Oh happiness you are back.  After eating clean yesterday, I woke up feeling well rested and back to my “old” self – aka Whole30 happiness self.  I got 9 hours of sleep (needed that) and woke up ready to take on the day.  I’m calling today “Freaking Fantastical Day”  – after feeling crappy for 24 hours by not eating clean I feel like the world is my oyster (what has happened to me?). 

After weighing myself yesterday (9 lbs down in case you forgot, lol) I needed to take my AFTER photo.  I put on the same outfit I took my before photo so it was an even comparison.  I do with I had measured my waist, etc because I have definitely lost inches.

Sharing these photos is not EASY for me.  But I feel like if I am going to keep inspiring people (more on that later) I need to open myself up to everything.  After taking my “after” photo I was feeling pretty good so I decided to try on my one and only pair of designer jeans that haven’t fit since last year … THEY FIT.  Okay, okay … this is what I needed – I needed to feel crappy (last 24 hours) and then feel great by just changing my food and seeing my results on the scale and in the mirror to really instill in my brain that all it takes is changing the food on your plate.  Best feeling ever!!

On to the “inspiration” – I’ve never felt like I was someone anyone would look up to but since taking on this Whole30 challenge and doing my daily blog I have had people reach out to me via email, text and phone calls to say that “I Rock!” “I’m an inspiration” “I look amazing”, etc.  Wow – who would have guessed?  I’m overwhelmed with sincere gratitude.  In the end I did this for myself but knowing I have effected others (2 people already started the Whole30 because of me) I just don’t have words.  As Melissa and Dallas say … I will keep sharing the Good Food Word!  Much love everyone 🙂

I made some sweet potato hash (yum!), had 2 over easy eggs on top, 3 pieces of bacon and my fish oil … definitely hit the spot this morning.

Had my cup of coffee as I started my day.

I was excited for lunch today.  Holy moly – was it delicious.  I got my inspiration from again.  If you haven’t checked out their page you NEED to.  Today was Apple Onion Cinnamon Pork Chops with Crockpot Butternut Squash.   Its a must, you need to try it and its especially great this time of year for the Fall Season.  I enjoyed that with a seltzer of course.

Oh homemade cashew butter and bananas – my new favorite snack.  So freaking good 🙂

Had my progenix shake on my way to CrossFit

Today’s WOD

AMRAP for 20 minutes
Row 12 calories
9 Push-ups
6 SDLHP (55 lbs)

I got 9 rounds + 5 SDLHP

Had my recovery shake on my way home

Heated up my leftovers from last night … i think it was better tonight 🙂

Had a great day.  Tomorrow I try and re-introduce dairy; should be interesting!!!

Check back tomorrow 🙂

POST WHOLE30 – the aftermath of Wheat…

Well hello headache and fogginess.  I got 8 hours of sleep.  I woke up still feeling pretty crappy.  My stomach hurt, my head hurt and I felt like I was in a fog.

I weighed myself this morning, first time in over a month.  I lost 9 lbs since starting the Whole30 – I thought that was impressive, especially since I wasn’t doing it to loose weight so I just consider it an added bonus.

I need to go grocery shopping today so I had 3 scrambled eggs with 3 pieces of bacon.

Had my cup of coffee as I made my grocery list to get ready for the week.

Work was slow this morning so I decided to get my grocery shopping done.  I was still not feeling 100% so was hoping my meal planning for the week would get me re-inspired.  After my grocery shopping I started to make lunch.  Last night when I stopped on my way home to pick up dinner I picked up a single meal pack that my sister had recommended that would be easy for me to make for lunch and stay “healthy”.  It was steak strips and a mix of veggies to make a stir fry.  It was amazing.

I had the steak stir-fry for lunch with a seltzer.  Realizing I feel dehydrated so kicking up my water intake today.

After enjoying homemade cashew butter this weekend at Jen and Todd’s this weekend I decided to make some of my own.  The consistency isn’t quite the same as Todd’s but its still tasty.  I enjoyed it with a banana 🙂

Tonight I got my inspiration from  I made a Creamy Chicken Casserole.  It took sometime to prep it but in the end it was worth it.  Still trying to kick up my water intake for the day.

Today started it off rough but I kept my day Whole30 compliant and I am feeling much better.  Tomorrow will be another Whole30 day and then on Wednesday I am going to re-introduce some dairy (should be interesting)!

Well hello WHEAT…

Started off the day pretty normal.  Had about 8 hours of sleep.  Had set my alarm to wake up at 6:30am as we were heading up to Loon Mountain (about 90 minutes away) for the Highland Games.  I had slept at my sister’s house so I had 2 hard boiled eggs and a banana with home made cashew butter, it hit the spot.

Stopped to get gas and got a medium hot french vanilla black coffee from Dunks.

We got up to Lincoln, NH around 10AM.  We were all pretty hungry.  Once we entered the games we headed right to the food tents.  Well, this was going to be where my Whole30 ended and the re-introduction phase started.  There weren’t any food options that would work.  Luckily I was with Todd so he helped guide me.  We decided that today would be the re-introduction of WHEAT!!!  I started with a cup of soup, don’t remember the exact name of it – but it was Scottish.  It contained rice and definitely had sugar in it.  Within 30 minutes my stomach hurt. 

It was such a nice day out; we headed over to the beer tent to watch the games – which were pretty impressive.  I decided not to have a beer, but then had one 🙂  It tasted pretty good but was curious to see how long that would last.  After 2 beers we headed over to get some lunch.  Since wheat was the food group for the day, I split some Fish and Chips with my sister.  I had it last year and remembered it being pretty delicious; it wasn’t anything over the top today but it filled me up.  I had one more beer (3 total) and we called it a day.

The drive home was fine.  Felt pretty thirsty and was feeling tired but nothing crazy.  Dropped my sister and Todd off and decided I needed to hit the grocery store to pick up something easy for dinner.  By this point I was pretty hungry.  I had a headache, felt sluggish and my stomach didn’t feel horrible but (FYI – this will probably be T.M.I. but figure if you’re going to get the entire picture I need to share it all).  I had gas on my way home, which I hadn’t experienced on the Whole30 and definitely hadn’t missed that ~ LOL.

By the time I got home I felt real crappy.  I decided to make my dinner; roast chicken, spinach and a side of wheat pasta.  I took some ibuprofen (my head killed) and drank some water.  Dinner was okay, had to force myself to eat even though I was hungry.  My head felt a little clearer after eating but I still didn’t feel amazing.

The Whole30 RUINED MY LIFE! (lol).  Not really.  But when I started the Whole30 I felt “okay” (or at least I thought) but didn’t know or realize how crappy I did feel.  Because now after the Whole30 I have realized my body had changed.  I liked the way I felt during this process.  I am going to go through this re-introduction process but I know after I will be a lot more aware on my choices.  I like feeling AMAZING and not CRAPPY.  It is really that easy – changing the food on your plate really does change your life (who knew!).  What’s even crazier, after eating wheat for a day – who knew I felt crappy eating it on a regular basis, I thought the way I felt before was normal.  

Since I couldn’t weigh myself during this process I don’t know what weight loss I have experienced.  I do know my body has changed, my clothes are looser, I feel less bloated and I feel a lot better all around.  I will be weighing myself tomorrow morning and will report back though.

I now wait 1-2 days before moving onto the next re-introduction phase.  I’ll keep you posted 🙂

Big shout out to all of my supporters out there during this process and to everyone who has read my blog; very much appreciated!!!!

Stay tuned….


Day 28

Got 8 1/2 hours of sleep last night.  Slept great, but was hard waking up because it was still so dark outside.

I had a dream last night that I was at a wedding with a few friends and I wouldn’t eat the cupcake they were serving so my friends got mad at me and left me – strange?  Also, woke up craving a beer … hmmm …

Had a busy day ahead of me so needed to make sure I ate a good breakfast.  Made 2 poached eggs, had 2 pieces of bacon and some fruit.

Enjoyed a Dunkin Donuts medium hot french vanilla coffee on our way to Connecticut

Got to CrossFit Triton in CT and had a Primal to go Pack (beef jerky, dried fruit and nuts) with a seltzer – it was delicious!

Headed out to grab lunch.  I have decided its not that I technically miss anything in my diet its that I miss the convenience of having whatever I am in the mood for.  Today I was in the mood for a good sandwich with some fries (and a beef, of course).  I instead had a Cobb Salad with grilled chicken and oil & vinegar.  I really only ate a little lettuce, some of the tomatoes/cucumbers and all of the chicken, egg, avocado and bacon.  I’m not a huge salad person … definitely need to work on eating more greens though (somehow).

Needed something to hold me over until dinner.  Had an apple with some of Todd’s homemade Cashew Butter (this needs to be on my list to make next week!).

My sister made a chicken roast (yummy!) with spinach and fresh veggies.  It was delicious.

Today was a great day.  I felt like I was sick of food most of the day but dinner made up for it.  Got to meet Rich Froning and that was pretty cool.  Getting up early tomorrow to head to the Highland Games.

On to day 29….

Day 27

Got 8 1/2 hours of sleep last night.  For the most part I slept great, except my cat kept me waking me up most of the nigh.  Good thing I love him 🙂

Made 2 poached eggs, heated up some of the zucchini/sweet potato latkes, had 2 pieces of bacon, some fruit (strawberries, raspberries and blackberries) and a water.

Enjoyed my cup of coffee 🙂

Working hard today to clean out my fridge of all my leftovers since I won’t really be around this weekend.  I had my last pork chop with peaches (of course some applesauce too).  I had some cauliflower and peas and my seltzer.

Had a banana with some almond butter

Made myself a cup of tea and decided to re-read the “Re-Introduction” chapter in “It Starts with Food” so I could prepare myself for next week (my how my Friday nights have changed).  Well, that Pumpkin Beer is going to have to wait a little longer…  I’ll start by re-introduce some sugar for a day.  Then I’ll re-introduce some gluten containing grains, then I’ll re-introduce non-gluten grains.  It then says to re-introduce legumes, but it also states that if you don’t miss any of the food that you were eating before you started the Whole30 then it wouldn’t be worth adding it back in so I’m probably going to skip legumes altogether because I don’t miss them.  After each day that you re-introduce everything you’ll evaluate that for a day or so before moving on to the next re-introduction.  

To finish off my leftovers I had my chicken, roasted red pepper and spinach meal with leftover peas and my squash casserole.  It was good but I’m glad its all gone.

Great day and looking forward to an even better weekend.  Getting up early tomorrow to head to Connecticut with some fellow CrossFitters to meet Rich Froning.  Should be a fun time.

On to day 28….

Day 26

Got 8 hours of sleep last night.  Slept like a rock – needed that!  I am loving that its chilly at night, sleeping much better and my body didn’t wake me up 🙂

Made 2 poached eggs, heated up some of the zucchini/sweet potato latkes, had 2 pieces of bacon, some fruit (strawberries, raspberries and blackberries) a water and my fish oil.

Enjoyed my cup of coffee 🙂

Had my leftovers from yesterday – pork chops with peaches.  Had unsweetened applesauce and peas along with my seltzer.

Had my shake and banana on my way to CrossFit

today’s WOD – well i went in thinking I was doing the WOD that Todd had posted but Angela had the chance to program tonight’s WOD.

AMRAP for 12 Minutes
9 Thrusters
9 Toes to Bar

I got 4 rounds + 9 Thrusters + Run

I had my recovery shake on my way home.

Ended up eating late tonight, so I wasn’t too hungry and didn’t want to eat too much but did eat a little leftovers.

Had a great day Whole30 wise but had a rough day personally.  So when I would have wanted to have some drinks to unwind or some pizza, etc. I dragged my butt to the box and got in a WOD.  Tomorrow is a new day.  Everything Happens for a Reason (that’s my motto in life!)

On to day 27…