Day 23

Day 21 & 22 – I didn’t blog, sorry.  I just really wanted to disconnect from “social media” this weekend.  It wasn’t a huge success as I was still on Facebook but I tried to put my phone out of reach as much as possible.  It was kind of refreshing.  I didn’t “cheat” this weekend although I was tempted to but figured I made it this far I should go to the end.  I did eat great, since I was at my sisters for the weekend.  We went apple picking yesterday and that was fun.  I love fall and am looking to enjoying the outdoors as much as possible before winter comes.

I did make this last night for dinner and posted it on my Facebook because it was AMAZING so I thought I should share it again 🙂 I made mine with a mixture of mashed cauliflower and mashed sweet potatoes.  Enjoy!

I had a hard time waking up this morning.  My thighs are on fire from all the squats I did on Saturday at CrossFit.  I am definitely walking a little funny today.

6:30am – I had 2 scrambled eggs with sweet potato hash.  I had some leftover baked apples from last night too.  I need to make more of those!

Holy commute.  I know I complain about my commute, but seriously … it took me TWO HOURS to get to the train this morning.  My overall commute took me 2.5 hours, not a way I wanted to start my Monday.

10am – had a banana with almond butter, that put me in a better mood!

11:45am – had to leave the office for lunch so wanted to make sure I ate before running out.  I brought my leftovers from last night, still so good.  I brought cut up cucumbers.  I had cut these up last night to eat them and forgot.  I also had a seltzer.  I then realized I hadn’t gone to the bathroom since leaving my house this morning and I had a cup of coffee and water??  Hmmm … maybe I was dehydrated.  I did feel like I hadn’t really drank enough water all weekend.

3:30pm – I had an apple (that I picked yesterday!) with some almond butter for my afternoon snack.  I made sure I was consuming a good amount of water this afternoon to play “catch up”.

7:30pm – came home and started cooking.  I was really excited to make dinner tonight.  I roasted some green beans and heated up some mashed sweet potatoes.  I made Coconut, Ginger Chicken.  It was DELICIOUS!!!


Now to catch up on some DVR …



Day 20

Okay, so I didn’t keep track of the time I ate anything today so this blog post isn’t going to be anything great.

I slept pretty good. I actually slept in a little this morning and got up at 6:30am. It was soooo nice. My plan was to go to the mechanic on my way into work because my check engine light has been on all week but when I left my house it wasn’t on! WINNING!

Today was a crazy day in the office. Work decided to order in lunch for everyone. At first they were thinking pizza and THANKFULLY they didn’t. I don’t think I could have passed that up. They ordered sandwiches and salads and I ate my leftovers (chicken curry with pumpkin and cashews).

I needed a break from my desk so I took a walk with some colleagues to Starbucks. I had a small blonde coffee black. Did you know Starbucks got in new pastries this week?? They looked good. But I stood strong.

Man was I craving pizza, cupcakes and alcohol today. Actually probably all week. Is this Whole30 almost over?? Lol. I left the office late and was so hungry by the time I got off the train. I had a seltzer and a RX Bar on my way to my sisters.

Luckily I am not cooking tonight. It smells good, I think it’s chicken. I’m going to go relax and be thankful it’s the weekend!! 3 weeks down, ONE more to go!!!

Day 19

Oh bad mood you are still there … I will shake you off.  Pushing through my pain and taking on the day (or at least trying to).  I’m exhausted!

6:30am – had my sweet potato hash with 2 scrambled eggs.

7:00am – had my morning coffee on my drive in to work

9:00am – had 2 hardboiled eggs, I am kind of over those (lol)

10:30am – was needing something, so I had 3 cuties (clementines).  They were juicy and delicious.

12:30pm – had my chicken with butternut squash again, with sweet potatoes, cut up peppers and seltzer.  Really dragging today but pushing through it!

3:30pm – had my apple with almond butter

Glad the day was over. Was really happy to come home and relax.

7:30pm – had my leftover spaghetti squash and sausage. So freaking good.

Made my grocery list so I was ready for the weekend. Heading to my sisters after work tomorrow. Looking forward to the weekend!!

Day 18

5:45am came real fast this morning, but I dragged my butt out of bed to get the day started.  My wrist was reaking havoc on me again, but within the hour of getting up it was feeling a little bit better.

6:30am – had my sweet potato hash and 2 scrambled eggs.

I drove into the office this morning because I had our work vehicle.  It was so nice not to have to take the “T” or deal with people and I got to work early.  I wish I could drive in more often!

8:45am – I had my 2 hard boiled eggs

12:00pm – I was really dragging ass and was getting moody, think its the lack of sleep.  I was hungry too.  Is the day over yet?  I had my chicken with figs and butternut squash.  I had made this in the crockpot on Monday but hadn’t had time to try it yet.  It was really good.  I brought some mashed sweet potatoes and I think that was the perferct combination.  A great “fall” meal.  Of course I had my cut up peppers and seltzer with it as well.  It probably took me an hour to eat lunch.  I eat my lunch at my desk everyday so I sometimes get distracted from eating, which isn’t a bad thing because then it takes me time to eat it all vs. just devouring it.  I was feeling a little more spunky after eating, not a lot, but a little.

4:00pm – had an apple with almond butter

Man, was I in a BAD mood at the end of the day. I really wanted to just drink a BOTTLE of wine and forget about everything. No seriously I really thought about it. But I didn’t. I came home and started cooking right away.

7:45pm – I had spaghetti squash with homemade sauce and sausage. It was AMAZING. Just what I needed, a little comfort food. It’s crazy how much I love spaghetti squash now.

My wrist is really bothering me and I am still in a bad mood so an early bedtime it is for me. Here’s to waking up tomorrow to a new day 🙂

Day 17

I had a really hard time falling asleep last night so my alarm came way too early this morning.  I am really loving the cool air at night, helps me sleep better.  Woke up and my wrist hurt real bad again??

6:20am – was ready to get the day started and wanted to get out of the house early.  Had my 2 poached eggs with sweet potato hash, yum!

Got a text that I needed to work an event tonight so needed to prepare all my food for the day so I was ready.  Its going to be a busy day, lots of meetings and working late but I think “food wise” I am prepared 🙂

7:10am – headed out of the house a little late and by the time I got to the T it was running with major delays so it was kind of good I wasn’t on time or I would have just waited around.

9:15am – had my 2 hardboiled eggs and a handful of nuts when I got to the office.

10:30am – sales meeting, i had an apple spice tea.  We had a vendor come in with cookies and I passed them off with no regret.

12:30pm – had a meeting with a client in their offices today.  They were considerate enough to email us the lunch menu yesterday so I was able to make a healthy decision before arriving.  I ordered the Cobb Salad without the cheese and dressing.  It did the trick.  Someone did bring in HUGE chocolate chip cookies and they did look appetizing but I passed on them … I think I was the only one.

What I have realized is that I am not a gum chewer.  I don’t carry gum on me, ever.  But everyone in my office does.  Today was the first time that I wanted a piece of gum because I had a “blah” taste in my mouth, but I didn’t and just drank some water.

4:15pm – had an apple with almond butter.  Tried a lady pink apple (i think that was what it was called) – interesting.  I am typically a granny smith apple eater, but last week they were super tart so I thought I would switch it up a bit.  It goes well with almond butter, so no complaints here.

8:30pm – had to work an event tonight.  I brought 2 cans of tuna with my whole30 mayo and cut up peppers as I knew there wouldn’t be much for me to eat.  It worked.  The caterer brought bottles of wine and some appetizing looking apps to our back room.  Although it did look good, I held strong.  I did try the shrimp as it was plain.

I got home at midnight so I apologize for this a day late post 🙂

Day 16

Slept really good last night.  Woke up before my alarm went off, love that.

6:25am – had my sweet potato hash I made over the weekend with 2 poached eggs over it, it was amazing.

Before heading out of the house I put my dinner in the crockpot, Butternut Squash with Figs and Chicken, can’t wait to try that!

7:15am – on my way to work I had my coffee.  I felt very relaxed on my drive which was great since its such a long one.

9:30am – got to the office and had my 2 hard boiled eggs.  I wasn’t actually super hungry, like I was most of last week this time but I was hungry enough.

12:50pm – I had my leftover chicken pumpkin curry from last night.  It tasted a lot spicier today, no complaints, except my nose was running – lol.  I had it with some cut up peppers and my seltzer.  I will say my head feels a lot clearer today, not sure if its the energy or what, but I’m digging it 🙂

2:30pm – had a blueberry tea!

4:00pm – had an apple with almond butter

I came home to my crockpot smelling so good. It’s for lunch this week and recipe will follow at the end of this, hope you can read it.

7:45pm – reheated my sweet potatoes and made some garlic broccoli and garlic with spices sea scallops. Holy garlic, so good but wow. It was delicious. Enjoyed a seltzer too. Picture shows only 1/2 of the scallops I actually eaten.

Great day and feeling strong. Keep up the good good word.




Day 15

Slept for 9 1/2 hours. Woohoo. Woke up pretty stiff but after about an hour felt great. Played with my nephew for awhile, he brings so much joy to my life (well really to my entire family)

Between 8am and 11am did a taste testing of the RX Bars with Jen and Todd. They are all so good. Had some scrambled eggs and a piece of fruit with black coffee.

Jen, Marley and I headed to the store to get some food for the Pats game.

I made my 1st attempt at guacamole. I’ve always been intimidated by it but it was wicked easy, even Marley approved. I cut up carrots and celery to serve with it. It was delicious.

2pm (ish) – Todd did some cooking which is always enjoyable. Had some tacos with lettuce as the tortilla, topped with salsa and guacamole and then had some amazing wings with his famous homemade sauce. So great. Enjoyed a peach seltzer. It was actually good.

Headed home after the Patriots WON! Watched a little TV and enjoyed a pumpkin black tea before I began making dinner. It was a process but it was actually easy.


Here is the recipe –

You need to make it. It had some “heat” but I really liked it.

Great day. We are 1/2 way through. Stay strong CF603. Hope everyone has a great week!!!