Day 29

Slept okay, woke up a bit groggy but I think that’s because I went to bed much later than I usually do.  I got about 7 hours of sleep.

615am – had (3) scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes, (1) pc of bacon and strawberries.  I was going to make my plantains this morning for my pulled cuban pork I made in the crockpot yesterday but I couldn’t pull it together and didn’t want to leave my house late as that totally messes with my commute so I’ll just do it tonight.

7am – made myself my iced tea for the car ride

945am – had a peach and a handful of almonds

1pm – today I brought my leftover chicken carbonara with 1/2 a cucumber and a seltzer.  It was a hit in the office by the way it smelled 🙂

415pm – had a granny smith apple and cashew butter

6pm – had my chiropractor. I have officially been released after 7 weeks!! Woohoo! Feel like I’m making strides to a full recovery 

8pm – got home and got to cooking. Tonight I made lemon sticky chicken from my new cookbook with cauliflower rice and cutup raw veggies. It was delicious. I enjoyed it with my seltzer in my wine glass. I really look forward to coming home for my seltzer. 

Tomorrow is Day 30!!!! Holy cow. I can’t believe it. I made a list of foods I want to try but I’m just not sure when I will do a reintroduction. I think it’s important for me to stay Whole30 compliant or as close as possible this week because I am working many 18+ hour days and I don’t want a relapse as when I got sick last time it was coming off a crazy time at work. I don’t know if they are related but I want to be as careful as possbile because I don’t want to ever be as sick as I was. 

Until tomorrow … xo


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