Day 30!!!!

Wow, its day 30!  Cannot believe it.  Slept pretty good, got about 7 hours of sleep.  Woke up with a stiff neck but I think its the way I slept.  I got up at 5:30am as I had to be in Boston for a 9am meeting and with school back I didn’t want to chance the traffic.

545am – had (3) scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes, 1 piece of bacon and strawberries

730am – had my iced tea for my drive to the train

1pm – for lunch I brought my pork butt that I made on Sunday in the crockpot.  I got the recipe from my new cookbook, it was a cuban spiced recipe.  I made my plantains last night and brought those (so delicious!) – I just sauteed them in a pan and added some salt.  I also had my homemade pico de gallo that I made on Sunday.  It was a tad spicy due to the jalapenos but still delicious.

3pm – my coworker left me a note this morning at my desk congratulating me on 30 days! and then gave me a cup of frozen grapes – they were delicious!

430pm – had a granny smith apple with almond butter

Traffic was a beast on my way home and I left work an hour late so I didn’t get home until 730pm. I got to cooking right away 

8pm – I had my homemade paleo tortillas with my ground beef that I brined in the pan and mixed with my own seasonings. Topped it with tomatoes and avocado.  I had (4) tacos, they were delicious. The tortillas didn’t come out as good as last week, well some of them did, but they were still good – it’s a learning process

I got an outfit in the mail that I ordered for a wedding next month. I had visions of what it would look like, it did not meet my expectations, so it’s going back! I still have this vision in my head for my outfit, so hopefully I’ll find it in time! 

Yeah to day 30!!! I’ll be continuing through the week since I’m working so much so it will help me stay on track. 

Today I signed up for a 4-week class with a Life Coach. I’m super excited. I feel like I’m at a crossroads in my life and feeling a little lost on what the next step is so hoping this experience will help me. 

Until tomorrow … xo


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