Whole30 – take 2






So the holidays came and went.  I ate really well and drank probably a little too much.  I had decided to start the New Year with a clean slate and figured if I was going to give up alcohol and dairy for 30 days that I might as well just do the Whole30 all over again.  I had my sisters baby shower the 1st weekend in January so decided to start right after that.  

I had a lot more knowledge and understanding going into the Whole30 this time, so I knew it would be a lot easier for me.  I didn’t have the “sugar dragon” withdrawals.  I did get headaches but I was also recovering from a pinched nerve in my neck and a bruised rib.  Per my doctor I had to take one week off from CrossFit and from any lifting at all.  It wasn’t easy but I decided it was worth my recovery so I wasn’t back to square one a few weeks later because I tweaked it again.

I will say the only thing I missed the most during this round was alcohol.  I had a pretty stressful month overall.  I will say it was probably a good thing I couldn’t drink because I had to find different ways to relieve my stress and anxiety.  I took lots of walks and surrounded myself with the people I love so I kept nice and busy.  Socializing wasn’t hard this time either.  I was prepared for all situations and I knew what I could and couldn’t do so I planned ahead and brought food/drinks wherever I went.

I didn’t blog this experience and instead just shared my new found recipes via Facebook whenever I came across an amazing meal.  I also didn’t vocalize to many that I was doing it.  I did for myself and only me.  I wanted to kick the new year on a healthy start and set the tone for my goals for 2013.  

Superbowl Sunday I allowed myself to eat anything and drink anything.  I didn’t do the “re-introduction” portion this time because I know what foods trigger me and what in small quantities my body can handle.  After having some beer, cheese, tortilla chips and a cupcake by Monday I had a food/beverage hangover; man did my stomach HATE me.  Luckily I work from home so I was able to stay in comfy clothes all day and lounge around while I worked.  I don’t think I would have had the energy to drag myself to work.  Since the Superbowl I haven’t had any alcohol and I’ve gone back to eating pretty much clean.  Now I am at the point where I don’t know if its worth the pain to not eat clean or drink beer.  But then again give me a week and I’m sure I’ll be having another beer and paying the price – but thats the nice part in all of this … is its my choice! 

I will preach “It Starts with Food” and the Whole30 to whoever will listen.  I 100% believe that its a LIFE CHANGING experience and its something that EVERYONE should try.  I know its not all about the numbers but I did weigh myself before and after each Whole30 to see the difference (although looking in the mirror I can totally see the difference so getting on the scale doesn’t even matter).  During the first Whole30 (Sept, 2012) I lost 12 pounds.  During the second Whole30 (January, 2013) I lost 6 pounds but I notice a lot more muscle on me.  Since August 2012 when I started really focusing on my health and wellness I have lost almost 30 pounds.  I look and feel AMAZING.  

I do (although still hesitant) want to share my before and after pictures … I’M PROUD OF MY HARD WORK AND DEDICATION!

Whole30 – Round 1 (September 2012) before on the left, after on the right


Whole 30 – Round 2 (January 2013) before on the left, after on the right


And as Melissa and Dallas Hartwig say … I’ll continue to spread the good food word.  

Until next time … 🙂