Day 31

So I’m continuing with the Whole30…

I am working a lot over the next week and don’t want to reintroduce anything just yet. Really the only thing I miss is wine and coffee. I haven’t had coffee in over 7 weeks! You don’t have to skip coffee on the Whole30 but I stopped because of my stomach, and sometimes I just miss it in the morning. 

Really I haven’t missed much through. I miss the convenience at times to not think of what to eat or go out and just order something but to be honest it was really easy this time so I don’t know what changes I’ll make moving forward. 

I haven’t had any over the counter medicine (ibuprofen, aspirin, etc.) in 7 weeks, thank you essential oils!! 

I probably won’t blog too much over the next 10 days because of work but I’ll definitely let you know if I reintroduce anything or anything changes. 

I did weigh myself this morning. I have typically lost 7-10 lbs each time I’ve done it in the past, this time I gained 3 pounds. I think it has a lot to do with my inflammation and steroids I’m on, but I’m feeling great and that’s what matters most. 

I’ll be back soon with updates … stay strong! xo


Day 30!!!!

Wow, its day 30!  Cannot believe it.  Slept pretty good, got about 7 hours of sleep.  Woke up with a stiff neck but I think its the way I slept.  I got up at 5:30am as I had to be in Boston for a 9am meeting and with school back I didn’t want to chance the traffic.

545am – had (3) scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes, 1 piece of bacon and strawberries

730am – had my iced tea for my drive to the train

1pm – for lunch I brought my pork butt that I made on Sunday in the crockpot.  I got the recipe from my new cookbook, it was a cuban spiced recipe.  I made my plantains last night and brought those (so delicious!) – I just sauteed them in a pan and added some salt.  I also had my homemade pico de gallo that I made on Sunday.  It was a tad spicy due to the jalapenos but still delicious.

3pm – my coworker left me a note this morning at my desk congratulating me on 30 days! and then gave me a cup of frozen grapes – they were delicious!

430pm – had a granny smith apple with almond butter

Traffic was a beast on my way home and I left work an hour late so I didn’t get home until 730pm. I got to cooking right away 

8pm – I had my homemade paleo tortillas with my ground beef that I brined in the pan and mixed with my own seasonings. Topped it with tomatoes and avocado.  I had (4) tacos, they were delicious. The tortillas didn’t come out as good as last week, well some of them did, but they were still good – it’s a learning process

I got an outfit in the mail that I ordered for a wedding next month. I had visions of what it would look like, it did not meet my expectations, so it’s going back! I still have this vision in my head for my outfit, so hopefully I’ll find it in time! 

Yeah to day 30!!! I’ll be continuing through the week since I’m working so much so it will help me stay on track. 

Today I signed up for a 4-week class with a Life Coach. I’m super excited. I feel like I’m at a crossroads in my life and feeling a little lost on what the next step is so hoping this experience will help me. 

Until tomorrow … xo

Day 29

Slept okay, woke up a bit groggy but I think that’s because I went to bed much later than I usually do.  I got about 7 hours of sleep.

615am – had (3) scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes, (1) pc of bacon and strawberries.  I was going to make my plantains this morning for my pulled cuban pork I made in the crockpot yesterday but I couldn’t pull it together and didn’t want to leave my house late as that totally messes with my commute so I’ll just do it tonight.

7am – made myself my iced tea for the car ride

945am – had a peach and a handful of almonds

1pm – today I brought my leftover chicken carbonara with 1/2 a cucumber and a seltzer.  It was a hit in the office by the way it smelled 🙂

415pm – had a granny smith apple and cashew butter

6pm – had my chiropractor. I have officially been released after 7 weeks!! Woohoo! Feel like I’m making strides to a full recovery 

8pm – got home and got to cooking. Tonight I made lemon sticky chicken from my new cookbook with cauliflower rice and cutup raw veggies. It was delicious. I enjoyed it with my seltzer in my wine glass. I really look forward to coming home for my seltzer. 

Tomorrow is Day 30!!!! Holy cow. I can’t believe it. I made a list of foods I want to try but I’m just not sure when I will do a reintroduction. I think it’s important for me to stay Whole30 compliant or as close as possible this week because I am working many 18+ hour days and I don’t want a relapse as when I got sick last time it was coming off a crazy time at work. I don’t know if they are related but I want to be as careful as possbile because I don’t want to ever be as sick as I was. 

Until tomorrow … xo

Day 28

Slept okay, got about 8 hours of sleep.  I got up so I could start my crockpot but then realized I was supposed to marinate my pork overnight, oops!  So I marinated it and put it in the fridge, it will get 3 hours which is better than nothing, I’ll put it in the crockpot around noon. The meal is for the week so I don’t need to worry about it being done in time for dinner (thank goodness!) 

915am – I woke up hungry so I had (3) scrambled eggs, 2 pcs of bacon, sweet potatoes, strawberries and a sautéd banana. It was amazing!! 

115pm – it’s time for lunch. I made chicken carbnoara (from new cookbook) with spinach, artichokes, spaghetti squash, chicken, bacon, eggs … It was really good and hit the spot. I also put my pork in the crockpot so it’s done around 8pm tonight. 

730pm – had dinner at a friends parents house who was visiting. I had steak and some potatoes, I skipped the corn and the apple crisp dessert. The steak was delicious. 

Hing out with her family for a bit. It was nice her mom still had a piece of furniture that was my grandparents that I had stored in her house in high school that I forgot about (a antique tea cart) so I brought it home. Not sure what I’ll do with it but happy it’s in my home. 

It was a good day. Got home later than I thought so going to bed late but should hopefully get a good nights sleep. 

Until tomorrow … xo

Day 27

Slept good, woke up at 630am, got 8 hours of sleep. Last night I planned out my meals for the week so I could go to the grocery store first thing in the morning, but first … Breakfast!

715am – (3) scrambled eggs, (2) pcs of bacon, golden sweet potatoes and strawberries. Poured myself and iced tea and headed out to the grocery store 

When I got home I made my sweet potatoes for the week, cut up my strawberries and made bacon so I was one step ahead of cooking tomorrow. 

I’ve been having stomach pains(and gas – TMI, I know) since yesterday afternoon. Don’t know what’s causing it.  I went to the bathroom 4 times this morning before 9am. I’ll keep an eye on it and see if it gets better. 

Then it was time to get ready for my wedding planning duties. 

1115am – before I headed out I wanted to make sure I got a good foundation of food in me so I was set for success. I had the last of my butternut squash soup with ground pork and roasted cashews and heated up the rest of my roasted potatoes. 

I packed my cooler with my leftover chicken salad and boston lettuce, seltzer, chomps beef sticks, fuel for fire and a RX bar. 

715pm – wedding was in full swing. The caterer made my a plate of the chicken and steak kabobs with veggies, I skipped the pasta salad, potatoe salad and rice. I don’t know what they were marinated in but I made the best choice I could. The mother of the ride kept offering my wine or champagne, she was so sweet. 

1030pm – on my drive home I had my seltzer can, the Chomps snack stick and fuel for fire

…sorry for the day late post, I was too tired when I got home last night. 

Day 26

9/11 – never forget!

Yeah, the Patriots won!  I went to bed after the 1st quarter and that was staying up late for me.  I slept with the windows open but got hot a few times in the middle of the night.  I was awoken at 2am by my cat … anyone want a cat?  No really, anyone?  He kept waking me up on and off until about 4am so when my alarm went off at 5:45am I was not ready to get up.

615am – had (3) scrambled eggs, (2) pcs of bacon, golden sweet potatoes and strawberries

7am – had my iced tea on my way to the train.  I am really enjoying that, I’ll be curious to see if I can drink coffee after this or if I will now be a tea drinker instead

10am – went to have my peach, but when I bit in it – it wasn’t good so I threw it out.  Luckily I had packed an RX Bar so I had that with a handful of almonds

1215pm – today’s lunch with leftover from my ribs with roasted potatoes and broccoli.  I ended up standing up in our kitchen and eating it while chatting with co-workers – it was a nice change from my typical eating at my desk and working.

315pm – had a granny smith apple with some almond butter

On my way home I decided to treat myself to some B.Good. It’s the best thing that’s happened to my neighborhood. Quick food that’s super healthy 

715pm – I had a burger (no bun!) – the lady at the counter asked me 3x to confirm I didn’t want a bun, haha. I had bacon, avacado and a fried egg on top. I had a coupon for a free fry – the good thing about their fries are they are real potatoes and oven baked so they are approved. I got home and devoured it. It was delicious and a nice treat. Sometimes leftovers won’t do it and it’s nice to have a convenient option. I was going to make a a cauliflower pizza but needed to stop at the grocery store and wasn’t in the mood. 

I have a wedding tomorrow and I have lots of snacks to bring with me to make sure I stay compliant. It will be a long day, I’m the wedding planner, but the weather looks like it will be great and the couple are such sweethearts. 

Until tomorrow … xo

Day 25

Turned my workout alarm off, oops!  But slept great and I needed that.  Got 9 hours of sleep!

620am – had (3) scrambled eggs, (2) pcs of bacon, golden sweet potatoes and strawberries

7am – brought an iced tea with me for my commute.  My commute to work was ROUGH this morning, took me TWO HOURS to get to work.  Man, how I haven’t missed that at all.  I got use to the summer commute.  Yuck!

1015am – wow I’m cranky today, I think that commute really put me in a mood that I can’t snap out of  … had a peach and a handful of almonds.  Deep breath while smelling my essential oil bracelet with lavender essential oil on it, deep breath!

12:15pm – feeling much better!  Our office had lunch catered today – it looked (and smelled delicious)!  I couldn’t have much but I brought my lunch so no worries.  I tried a piece of the salmon (no sauce) it was good – I’m not a huge salmon fan.  Today I brought my chicken salad with celery and put it on Boston Lettuce with cut up peppers and cucumbers and a side of roasted potatoes.  It was very filling.  Although I really wanted the m&m chocolate chip cookie when I was done, but I resisted! 🙂

3:15pm – as everyone was enjoying whoppie pies in the office I enjoyed a granny smith apple with cashew butter 🙂

7pm – I had (2) tortillas leftover so I had (2) tacos with avacado and tomatoes. I knew that wouldn’t be enough so I heated up a side of my butternut squash soup with ground pork. It was a great dinner. Man, I seriously could eat tacos every night especially since they are healthy now 🙂 

Overall an alright day. I think my mood was partially from my commute but I also am PMSing this week so that probably downy help. By this time usually on a Whole30 you feel amazing and feel like you’ve lost the extra weight, but I feel like I’ve gained weight and feel very bloated (side effects from the steroids??) – we shall see. This Whole30 has just been such a different experience than the other 3 I’ve done (which were all pretty similar to each other) so I’m just trying to navigate through it and listen to my body on what’s best. 

Until tomorrow … xo