Day 24

I slept through the night and never got up to go to the bathroom, I think that’s a first in a LONG time.  Felt great, got 8.5 hours of sleep.

615am – had (3) scrambled eggs, (2) pcs of bacon, some golden potatoes and cutup strawberries

7am – made myself an iced tea to take in the car with me on my commute

Read some more of the China Study on the train.  Its very well written and keeping me engaged.  Its not all scientific but tells a story too.  I am interested to see what I learn from it.

11am – I was in back to back meetings this morning so just now being able to have my snack – a peach with some roasted almonds.

1pm – Because I ate my snack later I had lunch later than I typically do. Today I brought my leftover butternut squash soup with ground pork and roasted cashews.  I was craving it last night so brought it for lunch today.  I accompanied it with a seltzer 🙂

3:45pm – I brought in my cauliflower hummus with cutup veggies.  Such a great snack.  Let the office try it, they enjoyed it too.

645pm – got home and was going to make a new dish tonight but realized I might have enough food for the week so instead of cooking up my chicken I thew it in the freezer and had tacos. I reheated the tortillas in the pan and I cut up a cucumber to have on the side. Man, those tacos were amazing. 

I watched some TV to unwind from the day with my seltzer and lime juice in a wine glass. Today was a whirlwind.  I got a lot accomplished in the office but I felt like a ping pong ball all day, jumping from one client to the next. 

I think it will be an early night tonight. Want to get up tomorrow and get a workout in before my work day. 

Until tomorrow … xo


Day 23

Got almost 9 hours of sleep.  Slept good but woke up at 3am with a stomach pain and had to go to the bathroom, by the time I woke up when my alarm went off I felt fine.

6:15am – had (3) scrambled eggs, (2) pcs of bacon, some golden sweet potatoes (I really don’t like the golden potatoes but I will continue to eat them) and strawberries

7am – headed to work, made myself an iced tea before I got in the car, it was a nice treat on my long commute.  Its back to school for everyone and man did I not miss that traffic this summer.  It took me door to door over 90 minutes to get to work, yuck!

945am – had a peach and a handful of roasted almonds!

12pm – lunch time!  I had my ribs I made in the crockpot yesterday with the pears and dates accompanied with broccoli and roasted potatoes.  I find it refreshing sometimes to have at least one lunch meal that’s “new” not leftovers from dinner the night before to keep things exciting and not get boring.

I was reflecting on my whole30 last night with my roommate on the meals I’ve cooked this time.  I haven’t made the same thing twice yet!  (minus the chicken salad).  That’s pretty impressive, and other than the “pizza” I made Friday night I’ve really enjoyed all the food I have been making.  Since I am going to make this more of a lifestyle its nice knowing that I can keep variety in my every week meal plan and that its an enjoyable process.  I really enjoying cooking, almost as much as eating (haha!).

3pm – needed a snack, had a granny smith apple with some cashew butter

Also, I wanted to share a great tool from Whole30.  Its their seasonal guide on fruits and veggies.  I keep it on my fridge, its great to know what’s in season and what you should buy organic and what you don’t necessarily need to if you don’t.  I really and try and buy local when I can so visiting a Farmers Market is always a great idea to keep fruits and veggies local, fresh and in season.

445pm – was feeling hungry so before I left work I had (9) almonds in hopes that would help hold me over!

When I got home I had a slight headache, but I think it was from the heat, it was in the 90’s today. My body doesn’t function in the heat as well as in cooler temperatures. On the train ride home I started to read “The China Study” that my colleague Natalie let me borrow. It’s a long one but I think it will be educational. 

715pm – tonight I made homemade tortillas. Omg! So good and so freaking easy. Taco Tuesday is back! I made my own homemade taco seasoning and brined my grass-fed ground beef. All Whole30 and it was so good. I had (4) tacos. The picture shows 3, I went back for a 4th. Typically I would have a taco shell, sour cream and cheese. I didn’t miss any of it. I’m so excited.  

I then sat down to watch Ellen with my seltzer, lime and lime juice in my wine glass! 

Cheers to a good day 🙂

Until tomorrow … xo

Day 22

Fell asleep after midnight last night, woke up around 8am. I had heart palpations again, hmmm? But overall I slept good.  Last night my friend Neil said I would probably be sore today from the driving range, he was right! (haha) 

Got up so I could get some food in the crockpot and wanted to get the day started. Put chicken in one crockpot so I could have chicken salad this week with my homemade mayo and put short ribs in the other with dates and pears. 

9am – had (3) scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes (these are golden potatoes as they didn’t have he sweet potatoes at the store, not the same but they’ll make do), had (3) pieces of bacon (yum!) and some strawberries. It was a great breakfast!! 

10am – went to Weir Hill, my new favorite nature trail and went on a 2.5 mile hike in the woods. I really enjoy being outdoors and in nature, it’s food for the soul. 

Stopped at Starbucks on the way home and got an iced tea.  I have to say I’m a little disappointed with Starbucks, all of their flavored teas are “fake”. They all sounded so good (peach, mango, etc) but I skipped it and had just a black iced tea to avoid the extra sugars. Definitely makes you think, damn people put sugar in EVERYTHING! 

I made a batch of black iced tea when I got home to have some on hand when I needed a break from just water, water can get boring sometimes. 

Once I got home and got to some meal prepping.  Roasted my potatoes and broccoli. Cut up all my raw veggies. Made my chicken salad. While I did this I snacked on my cauliflower hummus, it’s such a great snack! 

1pm – sat down and had some lunch. Ate the rest of my leftovers from the chicken fajitas win avacado and had a seltzer. 

330pm – had some of the iced tea I made with a Granny Smith Apple and cashew butter as I made my dream catcher!!  

Today I watched (2) documentaries “cowspiracy” and “forks over knives” – really got me thinking about our food we put in our mouths and the environment.  I am a meat eater but it further instilled that the food you eat really makes you either healthy or unhealthy.  My favorite quote from both documentaries was, “eat to live don’t live to eat!”

7:30pm – it was worth the wait, butternut squash soup. I made it with ground pork and roasted cashews. It was on point!  Even my roommate loved it!  Recipe in Julie Bauers new cookbook. Telling you people, you need this cookbook. It’s amaze-balls!!! 

This long weekend was great. I didn’t go to any cookouts, I didn’t drink any alcohol but it was everything I wanted (and needed). When I’m on the Whole30 I need to keep myself busy and I did just that. I enjoy doing the Whole30 in the Fall, it’s my 3rd time doing it during this time of the year. It’s a great way to end the summer and a great way to kick off the autumn season!

Until tomorrow … xo

Day 21

I woke up at 6:30am with heart palpitations, weird?! So I tried to go back to sleep but had gotten 9 hours of sleep so decided to get my cookbooks out and meal plan for the week while making my grocery store

730am – had (3) scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes and strawberries. Then headed to the grocery store to get shopping, excited for some new recipes to try. 

Got home and picked up my roommate and we headed to the driving range – but first stop Dunks for an iced tea!! The driving range was so fun, I don’t know why I haven’t been there all summer, it’s only 5 minutes away. We’ll definitely be going back, there were many laughs had. 

When we got home I started cooking my sweet potatoes for the week and I had a peach (@ 11:45am). 

Next was arts n crafts project #1 – paint new mirror. While I let the 2nd coat of paint dry I heated up some lunch. 

1pm – had my leftover chicken fajitas with avacado and some potatoes and broccoli. I had a nice ice cold seltzer with it. It all hit the spot. 

I finished the book “Wild” today by Cheryl Strayed. It’s about hiking the PCT. I saw the movie first and was so moved by it so I knew I needed to read the book. It was amazing. It makes me want to quit my job and go hike the trail and get lost in the world. I highly recommend this book and its movie.  

My mirror, 3 coats later came out so good. Now I want to paint everything.  

3pm – got my cauliflower all cut and in diced in the food processor so I had cauliflower rice. I then made homemade mayo so I had it in the fridge this week, I’m planning on making chicken salad again. I then cracked open my cauliflower hummus and had some with veggies 

5pm – headed to Boston to meet up with my friends Tamara and Neil to see the Book of Mormon and then go to dinner. This weekends motto seems to be treat yo’self, and I’m enjoying it :)!

The Book of Mormon was hilarious. 

930pm – got to Teatro. They sent us a complimentary appetizer as we had to wait for our table (although they say us at our exact reservation time), it was a cheese pizza. I resisted. I ordered a seltzer with lime juice and a tuna salad with cucumber and cities vinaigrette (the dressing might have had sugar in it as it tasted a little sweet but it could have just been the natural juices). For dinner I ordered the scallops with cauliflower,mushrooms and prosciutto – it was amazing, I cleaned my plate!  Next the restaurant sent over 2 complimentary desserts (panda cotta and chocolate cake) – this time I think for a plate they dropped near us? I don’t know, they just kept apologizing. Again I resisted, although Tamara did confirm the chocolate lava cake was warm and that’s usually a downfall for me, but I got this!  

Today was a great day. Tomorrow is Labor Day so I have the day off (woohoo). Hoping to get up and go for a walk in the morning on that nature trail I went to last week, maybe stay and read a bit. Then it’s meal prep time! Trying some new recipes again this week. So far only 1 bad recipe these last 3 weeks, I’ll take that as a win! 

Until tomorrow … xo

Day 20

Slept really good, had the windows open last night. Got about 9 hours of sleep. 

730am – had (3) scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes and sautéed a banana that was about to go bad with some cinnamon, it was delicious! 

Grabbed a water and headed out to run my errands. I wanted to get all my supplies for my arts n crafts projects. 

Headed to Michael’s Craft Store and picked up everything to make my dream catcher. Then headed to Home Depot and got my painting supplies so I can paint the new mirror for my bedroom. Next, stopped at the organic coffee shop and got a fresh pressed juice (cucumber, pears, carrots, ginger and wheatgrass). Then it was on to the grocery store to get my ingredients to make the Cauliflower and Beet dip with fresh cut veggies. 

Once I got home I got to preparing the dip so I could bring it to my friends who was having me over for dinner. It’s yummy and so easy to make. Had a peach and grabbed another water before heading out. 


(3) large beers, peeled, and greens removed

1/2 cauliflower head, chopped

1 tsp onion powder

1 garlic clove, minced

2 1/2 tsp Tahini

4 tbsp EVOO

1/2 lemon, juiced 

1/2 tsp pink Himalayan sea salt

Preheat oven to 350

In a bowl toss beets with a pinch of salt. Then wrap individually in foil. 

In a bowl toss cauliflower in 1 tbsp EVOO and 1 tsp onion powder. The wrap in foil altogether 

Place beets and cauliflower innocent and cook for an hour. 

After they have cooked then place cauliflower in food processor. Remove beets from foil and cut into chunks (be careful, it can get messy). Pulse in food processor to combine. 

Add rest of the ingredients to the food processor and pulse to combine until smooth. 

Store in an airtight container for up to 3 days and enjoy with assortment of veggies!

Got to my friend Jens and made myself a seltzer. I had (2) wings and then dug into my dip. It was so good!! 

5:45pm – it was time to eat. My friends husband was so good to me and made sure all the food he prepared he prepared mine to my specifications. He marinated my chicken seperatley, made asparagus wrapped with proscuitto but made mine without goat cheese, marinated the steak to be whole30 approved. And I had a side salad with oil and vinegar. It was all delicious. And I just kept drinking my seltzer a 😉

Had such a nice day having out at my BFF’s and playing with the girls. Many laughs were had but by 7:30pm I was tired and ready for bed so I headed home. 

Got home and decided to relax on the couch for a bit. Was feeling hungry, so I had a RX bar to hold me over until tomorrow. 

Until tomorrow … xo

Day 19

I did not want to wake up this morning, I hit snooze a lot which is not like me at all.  Looking forward to no alarm tomorrow, slept about 8 hours of sleep.

6:15am – had (3) scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes and strawberries for breakfast

Its going to be in the 70’s today.  I am so excited for the cooler weather, although by Sunday its supposed to be back in the 90’s!  And its a long weekend this weekend, happy Labor Day weekend!

8:30am – made myself a tea when I got to the office.

9:15am – I had my peach and a handful of cashews

12:30pm – its time for lunch!  I brought (1) of my leftover (last one) stuffed mushrooms with pork and artichokes.  I supplemented it with potatoes and broccoli and of course a seltzer!

I am really excited for dinner tonight.  I am going to make a pistachio pesto pizza.  In the past I’ve done paleo pizza’s with a cauliflower crust.  If you haven’t tried it in the past, you need to – its really good!  But this time I am trying a new “dough” recipe from my new cookbook (whole30 approved) and I am interested to see if I like it just as much.  I bought more pistachios to make the pesto and this time I found the pistachios already out of the shell, that will make the process even faster!

3:50pm – ready to end the day, but first let’s have a snack. Today’s treat is a RX Bar (chocolate sea salt).  Whole30 approved too!  I just ordered more RX bars for my busty 10 days at work the end of this month to keep me going and stay on track 🙂

4:05pm – couldn’t resist having my Chomps snack sticks.  If you haven’t tried them yet, I highly recommend them.  They are expensive but they are so good!

My friend Bre just sent me “The Whole Foods Encyclopedia”.  I am looking forward to reading through that (it will take me awhile – but a great resource to have on hand).

My coworker Natalie is bringing me in “The China Study” next week to read as well.  She said she learned so much from it, so I will soon be a wealth of knowledge, I hope!  She also recommended that I watch its documentary as well as “Forks over Knives”, “Fed Up” and “Cowspiracy”.  I really loved the Food Inc documentary I watched years ago so I am interested to watch these as well.

My primary care doctor just called, I don’t have a UTI!  Yeah!  There was a slight amount of white blood cells in my urine, but nothing to be concerned about and it tested negative for a UTI – yeah!

I treated myself to a manicure on my way home. Figured if I can’t go out for a drink I should treat myself to something, haha. 

Got home and started making the pizza crust. Recipe was in my new cookbook (tapioca flour, coconut flour, baking soda, eggs, coconut milk, salt and oil). I then made a homemade pesto and topped the pizza with pesto, tomato and proscuitto and an egg in the middle. I ate around 8:15pm. If I have to be honest. I didn’t really like it. I think maybe next time if I make the crust super thin it could be better. Or I make it a smaller pizza and not make a large one it could be better. I was really disappointed, mainly because it wasn’t cheap to make (haha) and I was really looking forward to it. Maybe I’ll try t again??? It could be better next time knowing what I know now. Oh well, not all recipes are 100% perfect every time. Time to move on … but I did enjoy my seltzer in my wine glass 🙂

Cheers to the freaking weekend! Not too many plans but looking forward to being productive, hanging out with some friends and staying on track! 

Until tomorrow … xo

Day 18

5:30am – got up so I could get a workout in before I went to the Doctor’s.  Since my doctor’s appointment was at 830am I could get up at my regular time (no 430am – yeah!).  I picked a WOD I had done back in June of 2012, I beat my time from 2012 by 2 seconds, I’ll take it

5 rounds for time

15 weighted situps

10 KB wall ball substitutes

time: 5:59

I did a warm up before to get the blood flowing and to stretch m back and neck from the WOD I did earlier this week and took some time to cool down.  It felt good to get my blood pumping.

I slept pretty good last night, had some weird dreams.  I don’t remember them but I woke up and it took a moment to realize if they were real or not.  Hmmm…

635am – had (3) scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes and strawberries (my breakfasts might need to be enhanced, I am sure you are all sick of me eating the same thing every morning, I might need to add some variety!)

I was going to stop for an Iced Tea at Dunks on my way to the Dr’s but the parking or was too crazy. 

Update from Dr’s – my MRI on my bowel looked good, no issues there. Based on my biopsies the doctor thinks that I had a severe infection from probably something I ate that started this storm of illness. Really, from something I ate? That’s a tad scary. This was based on he biopsie from my endoscopy. She said that the colonoscopy just showed the ulcerative colitis, but we already knew that. She said that the ulcers were all new, and that the scans/biopsies didn’t show any scarring as if they’ve been there a long time. Now the plan is to have another endoscopy in 3 months and then a colonoscopy in a year. I’m tapering off the Prednisone and she wants me to stay on the anti inflammatory, it’s the least evasive option. She said that after my colonoscopy next year if all looks good and I have improvement I can come off the anti inflammatory.  She told me I need to stay away from ibuprofen, aspirin and Motrin. She also said to not smoke and definitely stay away from 2nd hand smoke. Next she sent me to ave my kidneys checked and give a urine sample so we have a baseline to judge everything off of. So off to the lab I went.  Moving forward I just need to be aware of symptoms and then call her to make sure I don’t get that suck hopefully again! She did say I looked so much better, which is great because I am feeling so much better. 

1030am – was hungry so I had a peach, still delicious! 

1230pm – heated up lunch, guess what it was? my chicken casserole with avacado. This time I accompanied it with potatoes and broccoli, figured I needed some more substance. I had seltzer (of course) 

1pm – the doctor called. My kidneys all looked good but my urine came back with white blood cells which typically means I have a UTI. she told me I needed to call my primary doctor. So I called my doctor. She wanted me to go give another urine sample so they could take a live culture from it. If it was in fact a UTI she would give me antibiotics. Just another thing to add to the list. Haha. I have one of those M-F pill organizers because between the pills and vitamins I need to keep it all organized. I’m thinking now I need to get the super big one, ahhhh I’ve turned into my grandparents (haha) 

3pm – the office was going out to for Zoe’s last day at 4pm so I wanted to have a snack so I made sure I was prepared at the restaurant. I started with a banana and some cashew butter, it hit the spot. Then I finished with a Chomp snack stick. Now I’m ready! 

4pm – we headed to Les Zygomates, a nice wine bar down the street. I had (3) seltzer (watch out now). Everyone was great, they ordered me some veggie sticks and I enjoyed a few oysters. It was nice – but we are definitely going to miss Zoe! 

530pm – headed out so I could catch my train. The lab closed at 730pm so I wanted to get there before they closed to give my urine sample, again! 

7pm – made it! 

7:45pm – had (2) stuffed mushrooms with pork from my leftovers and had more potatoes and broccoli. It was yummy. I skipped my seltzer in my wine since I had (3) at the restaurant and just had water. 

Overall a good day. Feel good I got answers and now I wait for the last lab test.  

Until tomorrow … xoxo