Day 25

Turned my workout alarm off, oops!  But slept great and I needed that.  Got 9 hours of sleep!

620am – had (3) scrambled eggs, (2) pcs of bacon, golden sweet potatoes and strawberries

7am – brought an iced tea with me for my commute.  My commute to work was ROUGH this morning, took me TWO HOURS to get to work.  Man, how I haven’t missed that at all.  I got use to the summer commute.  Yuck!

1015am – wow I’m cranky today, I think that commute really put me in a mood that I can’t snap out of  … had a peach and a handful of almonds.  Deep breath while smelling my essential oil bracelet with lavender essential oil on it, deep breath!

12:15pm – feeling much better!  Our office had lunch catered today – it looked (and smelled delicious)!  I couldn’t have much but I brought my lunch so no worries.  I tried a piece of the salmon (no sauce) it was good – I’m not a huge salmon fan.  Today I brought my chicken salad with celery and put it on Boston Lettuce with cut up peppers and cucumbers and a side of roasted potatoes.  It was very filling.  Although I really wanted the m&m chocolate chip cookie when I was done, but I resisted! 🙂

3:15pm – as everyone was enjoying whoppie pies in the office I enjoyed a granny smith apple with cashew butter 🙂

7pm – I had (2) tortillas leftover so I had (2) tacos with avacado and tomatoes. I knew that wouldn’t be enough so I heated up a side of my butternut squash soup with ground pork. It was a great dinner. Man, I seriously could eat tacos every night especially since they are healthy now 🙂 

Overall an alright day. I think my mood was partially from my commute but I also am PMSing this week so that probably downy help. By this time usually on a Whole30 you feel amazing and feel like you’ve lost the extra weight, but I feel like I’ve gained weight and feel very bloated (side effects from the steroids??) – we shall see. This Whole30 has just been such a different experience than the other 3 I’ve done (which were all pretty similar to each other) so I’m just trying to navigate through it and listen to my body on what’s best. 

Until tomorrow … xo


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