Day 24

I slept through the night and never got up to go to the bathroom, I think that’s a first in a LONG time.  Felt great, got 8.5 hours of sleep.

615am – had (3) scrambled eggs, (2) pcs of bacon, some golden potatoes and cutup strawberries

7am – made myself an iced tea to take in the car with me on my commute

Read some more of the China Study on the train.  Its very well written and keeping me engaged.  Its not all scientific but tells a story too.  I am interested to see what I learn from it.

11am – I was in back to back meetings this morning so just now being able to have my snack – a peach with some roasted almonds.

1pm – Because I ate my snack later I had lunch later than I typically do. Today I brought my leftover butternut squash soup with ground pork and roasted cashews.  I was craving it last night so brought it for lunch today.  I accompanied it with a seltzer 🙂

3:45pm – I brought in my cauliflower hummus with cutup veggies.  Such a great snack.  Let the office try it, they enjoyed it too.

645pm – got home and was going to make a new dish tonight but realized I might have enough food for the week so instead of cooking up my chicken I thew it in the freezer and had tacos. I reheated the tortillas in the pan and I cut up a cucumber to have on the side. Man, those tacos were amazing. 

I watched some TV to unwind from the day with my seltzer and lime juice in a wine glass. Today was a whirlwind.  I got a lot accomplished in the office but I felt like a ping pong ball all day, jumping from one client to the next. 

I think it will be an early night tonight. Want to get up tomorrow and get a workout in before my work day. 

Until tomorrow … xo


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