Day 23

Got almost 9 hours of sleep.  Slept good but woke up at 3am with a stomach pain and had to go to the bathroom, by the time I woke up when my alarm went off I felt fine.

6:15am – had (3) scrambled eggs, (2) pcs of bacon, some golden sweet potatoes (I really don’t like the golden potatoes but I will continue to eat them) and strawberries

7am – headed to work, made myself an iced tea before I got in the car, it was a nice treat on my long commute.  Its back to school for everyone and man did I not miss that traffic this summer.  It took me door to door over 90 minutes to get to work, yuck!

945am – had a peach and a handful of roasted almonds!

12pm – lunch time!  I had my ribs I made in the crockpot yesterday with the pears and dates accompanied with broccoli and roasted potatoes.  I find it refreshing sometimes to have at least one lunch meal that’s “new” not leftovers from dinner the night before to keep things exciting and not get boring.

I was reflecting on my whole30 last night with my roommate on the meals I’ve cooked this time.  I haven’t made the same thing twice yet!  (minus the chicken salad).  That’s pretty impressive, and other than the “pizza” I made Friday night I’ve really enjoyed all the food I have been making.  Since I am going to make this more of a lifestyle its nice knowing that I can keep variety in my every week meal plan and that its an enjoyable process.  I really enjoying cooking, almost as much as eating (haha!).

3pm – needed a snack, had a granny smith apple with some cashew butter

Also, I wanted to share a great tool from Whole30.  Its their seasonal guide on fruits and veggies.  I keep it on my fridge, its great to know what’s in season and what you should buy organic and what you don’t necessarily need to if you don’t.  I really and try and buy local when I can so visiting a Farmers Market is always a great idea to keep fruits and veggies local, fresh and in season.

445pm – was feeling hungry so before I left work I had (9) almonds in hopes that would help hold me over!

When I got home I had a slight headache, but I think it was from the heat, it was in the 90’s today. My body doesn’t function in the heat as well as in cooler temperatures. On the train ride home I started to read “The China Study” that my colleague Natalie let me borrow. It’s a long one but I think it will be educational. 

715pm – tonight I made homemade tortillas. Omg! So good and so freaking easy. Taco Tuesday is back! I made my own homemade taco seasoning and brined my grass-fed ground beef. All Whole30 and it was so good. I had (4) tacos. The picture shows 3, I went back for a 4th. Typically I would have a taco shell, sour cream and cheese. I didn’t miss any of it. I’m so excited.  

I then sat down to watch Ellen with my seltzer, lime and lime juice in my wine glass! 

Cheers to a good day 🙂

Until tomorrow … xo


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