Day 18

5:30am – got up so I could get a workout in before I went to the Doctor’s.  Since my doctor’s appointment was at 830am I could get up at my regular time (no 430am – yeah!).  I picked a WOD I had done back in June of 2012, I beat my time from 2012 by 2 seconds, I’ll take it

5 rounds for time

15 weighted situps

10 KB wall ball substitutes

time: 5:59

I did a warm up before to get the blood flowing and to stretch m back and neck from the WOD I did earlier this week and took some time to cool down.  It felt good to get my blood pumping.

I slept pretty good last night, had some weird dreams.  I don’t remember them but I woke up and it took a moment to realize if they were real or not.  Hmmm…

635am – had (3) scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes and strawberries (my breakfasts might need to be enhanced, I am sure you are all sick of me eating the same thing every morning, I might need to add some variety!)

I was going to stop for an Iced Tea at Dunks on my way to the Dr’s but the parking or was too crazy. 

Update from Dr’s – my MRI on my bowel looked good, no issues there. Based on my biopsies the doctor thinks that I had a severe infection from probably something I ate that started this storm of illness. Really, from something I ate? That’s a tad scary. This was based on he biopsie from my endoscopy. She said that the colonoscopy just showed the ulcerative colitis, but we already knew that. She said that the ulcers were all new, and that the scans/biopsies didn’t show any scarring as if they’ve been there a long time. Now the plan is to have another endoscopy in 3 months and then a colonoscopy in a year. I’m tapering off the Prednisone and she wants me to stay on the anti inflammatory, it’s the least evasive option. She said that after my colonoscopy next year if all looks good and I have improvement I can come off the anti inflammatory.  She told me I need to stay away from ibuprofen, aspirin and Motrin. She also said to not smoke and definitely stay away from 2nd hand smoke. Next she sent me to ave my kidneys checked and give a urine sample so we have a baseline to judge everything off of. So off to the lab I went.  Moving forward I just need to be aware of symptoms and then call her to make sure I don’t get that suck hopefully again! She did say I looked so much better, which is great because I am feeling so much better. 

1030am – was hungry so I had a peach, still delicious! 

1230pm – heated up lunch, guess what it was? my chicken casserole with avacado. This time I accompanied it with potatoes and broccoli, figured I needed some more substance. I had seltzer (of course) 

1pm – the doctor called. My kidneys all looked good but my urine came back with white blood cells which typically means I have a UTI. she told me I needed to call my primary doctor. So I called my doctor. She wanted me to go give another urine sample so they could take a live culture from it. If it was in fact a UTI she would give me antibiotics. Just another thing to add to the list. Haha. I have one of those M-F pill organizers because between the pills and vitamins I need to keep it all organized. I’m thinking now I need to get the super big one, ahhhh I’ve turned into my grandparents (haha) 

3pm – the office was going out to for Zoe’s last day at 4pm so I wanted to have a snack so I made sure I was prepared at the restaurant. I started with a banana and some cashew butter, it hit the spot. Then I finished with a Chomp snack stick. Now I’m ready! 

4pm – we headed to Les Zygomates, a nice wine bar down the street. I had (3) seltzer (watch out now). Everyone was great, they ordered me some veggie sticks and I enjoyed a few oysters. It was nice – but we are definitely going to miss Zoe! 

530pm – headed out so I could catch my train. The lab closed at 730pm so I wanted to get there before they closed to give my urine sample, again! 

7pm – made it! 

7:45pm – had (2) stuffed mushrooms with pork from my leftovers and had more potatoes and broccoli. It was yummy. I skipped my seltzer in my wine since I had (3) at the restaurant and just had water. 

Overall a good day. Feel good I got answers and now I wait for the last lab test.  

Until tomorrow … xoxo


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