Day 17

Slept good, got about 9 hours of sleep.  But realized I used more of my lower back yesterday in that KB WOD I did than I should have, its a little tight this morning! (Rookie mistake)

615am – had (3) scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes and some strawberries.

8am – got to work early and made myself a tea

10am – had a peach and handful of cashews

1230pm – time for lunch, reheated up the buffalo chicken casserole I made earlier this week.  Its so yummy!  Topped it off with some avocado and enjoyed it with some cutup veggies and a seltzer

3:45pm – had a chomp beef stick.  I was really craving something sweet, but made the meat stick work 🙂 tomorrow I think I’ll pack a banana with cashew butter, that’s a great snack and will give me the sweetness I need.

415pm – needed something more than just the beef stick, so I heated up a piece of steak tip I brought as a snack that I had leftover from the weekend.

Had a super headache when I drove home. I think it was from the head band I was wearing all day as I typically don’t wear them and it might have been too tight for my head for over 11 hours. Or could have been the heat. I took the head band off on my drive home and it seemed to subside. I got home and rubbed peppermint oil on my temples that seemed to help. 

745pm – Tonight for dinner I made another recipe from my new cookbook. Tonight was chicken fajitas (no taco shells). It was chicken with homemade taco seasoning peppers and onions and baked it for 30-minutes. Then topped it with fresh squeezed lime juice and avocado. And of course enjoyed it with my seltzer in a wine glass. 

830pm – I was really tired so I decided to head to bed. I still had a slight headache so I rubbed more peppermint oil on my temples before I went to bed. 

Tomorrow I go back to the Gastro doctor to review all my tests from this past month.  We’ll be reviewing the biopsies she took from my colonoscopy and endoscopy as well as the MRI I had on my bowel and all my bloodwork. Then hopefully we’ll understand where all these ulcers came from and why I got so sick and how we can put me on the road to recovery and hopefully stay healthy!!! I’ll update ya’ll tomorrow

Until tomorrow … xoxo


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