Day 16

Happy September 1st!  Fall is my favorite time of the year, although we are in the midst of a heatwave, but no complaints here – winter will be here before we know it!

4:45am – my alarm went off, time to get up and get a workout in.  I went to bed later than expected and since I got up an hour early I only got 7 hours of sleep. I didn’t get my programmed WOD in time so I took a WOD I had done before and redid it this morning, funny thing – I did this WOD on Sept 2, 2012 … 3 years ago, except 3 years ago I was actively going to CrossFit so I did a heavier Kettlebell than today.

1st WOD – AMRAP 2 min – Power Swings; 26 lbs = 53 (2012; 35 lbs = 57)

2nd WOD – AMRAP 2 min – Two hand release; 26 lbs = 56 (2012; 35 lbs = 54)

3rd WOD – AMRAP 2 min – Hand to Hand; 26 lbs = 74 (2012; 35 lbs = 70)

4th WOD – Snatch Test, 25 on each arm; 18 lbs = 1:58 (2012; 18 lbs = 2:22)

It felt good to get that done, but my arms were jello – I’ll be sore tomorrow 🙂 When I did my first Whole30 I signed up to receive the daily emails from them.  It got you ready for the day and reaffirmed how you would be feeling by a particular part of the journey.  I hadn’t read them in over 2 years.  Yesterday’s said how you should be noticing your clothes feeling looser and more energy – I’m not quite there but then again this Whole30 is very different than any of the other Whole30’s I’ve done before.  My body has a lot of inflammation its fighting so I still feel quite bloated but the bonus is that my stomach is feeling a lot better.  I go back to the Gastro doctor on Thursday morning to review all of my tests, biopsies and blood work. I am interested to see what they all say, if they all say the same thing.

6am – I had (2) scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes, fried bananas and some cutup strawberries.  Fresh berries are my favorite, I must admit!

When I got off the train I decided to go to Roche Brothers.  I was in need of new peaches, the white peaches just weren’t going to cut it!  I also got some ingredients to make more pesto, I’m thinking a pesto pizza later this week.  And then I picked up some tea (The Republic of Tea brand).  Since I burnt my tongue so bad yesterday morning I decided to have my tea at work but I forgot my tea bags so thought I would just buy a package to leave at the office so I always have on hand.  They have a herbal tea that is good for digestion, it contains cinnamon, anise, peppermint and rooibos, figured it would be good for my insides 🙂

9:15am – had my peach (the new one!) – it was delicious and had a handful of cashews with a chomps beef stick.

I had to work an event at the Museum of Fine Arts, lunch would be provided.

2pm – I had time to have lunch, I was starving.  I ordered the filet as it was the most “whole30” choice on the menu.  I skipped the rolls and dessert.  This was the Filet (pink peppercorn crusted sliced flirt with cognac reduction, celery root puree and crispy asparagus).  So the sauce had some alcohol in it (cognac) but it was the best choice and I needed to eat.

6pm – as I drove home I was still really hungry and now very thirsty.  I realized while onsite I don’t drink as much water as I typically do.  I had a fuel for fire on my way home to help me make it until dinner.

7pm – I reheated my pesto cauliflower rice shrimp in stuffed peppers (2 of them) with some roasted potatoes and a seltzer.  It hit the spot.

I am on the hunt for a long burgundy chiffon maxi skirt, I dreamt of this outfit last night and now I need to find this skirt (I found the top).  Off to Pinterest I go…

Until tomorrow … xoxo


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