Day 15

Yeah Day 15 … half way through!

Slept great last night, 9 hours of sleep!

6:20am – had (2) scrambled eggs, some sweet potatoes and strawberries.  I made a tea for my commute to the train, it was so hot I burnt my tongue so I didn’t get to finish it.

10am – had a peach.  Now this isn’t the peach I had last week although I thought I bought the same one.  My roommate had asked me yesterday how I liked the “white peach” and I was so confused.  Looks like a peach, and is a peach, but doesn’t taste nearly as good as my peaches last week.  I might have to go get new peaches, these ones just don’t cut it!  I had a handful of cashews with the “bland” peach as well!

12pm – spicy chicken casserole time! I was so excited to dive into this since I made it yesterday.  I topped it off with some avacado and had some fresh cut up veggies on the side.  It was AMAZING!  This is a must recipe (see yesterday’s post for the link) and there are so many variations you could do.  It could even be just for an appetizer.  After last nights dinner and today’s lunch, I think this week is going to be filled with so many flavors.

315pm – Elizabeth in my office was going for a walk to Starbucks so I decided to join her to get a break from the office and my desk.  I picked up a venti green tea unsweetened, it was the perfect treat on this hot summer day.

4pm – I had a fuel for fire to hold me over until I got home as I had a chiropractor appointment and knew cooking dinner might be slightly later than I had planned so I didn’t want to be starving when I got home to prepare dinner.

630pm – had a chiropractor appointment. I was cleared to come back in 2 weeks she said I was doing so much better and could tell my inflammation was starting to go down (yeah!)

715pm – got home and got cooking right away. I had some friends coming over to pick up a chair I was getting rid of so I wanted to get a jump start on cooking. Tonight was another recipe from Juli Bauers new cookbook (seriously you need to buy it!). Tonight I made ground pork with tomtoe paste, garlic, onion and artichoke hearts. I then stuffed them into mushroom caps and baked them in the oven. Deliciousness!!! 

Overall a great day. 

Until tomorrow… xoxo


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