Day 14

The temperature dropped last night and I slept amazing! I love summer, but the cooler temps has me craving Fall!!!

730am – made my sister and I poached eggs (I had 2) and we shared a peach. It was yummy and a nice change to my typical scrambled eggs. I accompanied it with a robios tea.

I looked through my new cookbook and I have so many new recipes to try. My grocery list is a little intense, think it’s the longest list I’ve ever made but I’m so pumped! Thanks Juli Bauer for the inspiration #paleomg

1030am – was feeling hungry and knew I couldn’t wait for lunch so I had some of the chicken salad I brought to my sisters with cut up peppers. My sister had made muffins (which I couldn’t have) but here is wher I would have made a poor food decision and had something like that vs. thinking to eat chicken salad but definitely a better option and one I know which will stay with me longer

Decided to leave before lunch so I could get my shopping started.  My grocery bill wasn’t as bad as I had thought.  One note – I really wanted bacon.  I remembered there was a brand that didn’t contain sugar that I once found at the grocery store, today not so lucky.  Every single package of bacon contained sugar as one of its ingredients, so no bacon for me!  On my way home I was STARVING so I stopped a B Good, which just opened near my house and got a burger with bacon, avocado and an egg.  IT WAS AMAZING!  I devoured it before I even tasted it.  Then when I got home I got to work.  I had a lot to get prepped for the week to make it another successful week.

I decided I would take a different approach and instead of making full meals I would make portions so I could focus on the entree portion each night and wouldn’t feel sick of what options I had towards the end of the week.

I made; roasted broccoli, roasted potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes (for breakfast), I made Buffalo Chicken Casserole – (this will be for lunch tomorrow), I cut up leftover peppers, celery and carrots for a snack and I cutup strawberries.  I had frozen some ground beef last week (leftover from the meatballs I made, but didn’t really eat) – so I tried it again this week, instead this time I put them in muffin cups and baked them – hoping I like them more.  I had mushrooms that I didn’t use last week so I cooked those up so they didn’t go bad and I cutup cauliflower and through it in the food processor for cauliflower rice – just trying to cut some steps down for when I get home from work.

For dinner I made Pesto “rice” shrimp stuffed peppers from the new cookbook.   I made the pesto from scratch with pistachios.  I thought I had more in my pantry then I did so the pesto was milder than I would have liked, but it was still really good.  You can use pine nuts or almonds as well for the pesto, I didn’t have any of those on hand but I’ll be buying some to have as back up for next time.

630pm – dinner was ready, I was super hungry.  I had (2) of the stuffed peppers with cutup peppers on the side.  Now, I am not one for stuffed peppers but stuffed peppers with cauliflower rice, pesto and shrimp – now that’s my jam!  It was delicious and super easy.

Feeling really good about being prepared for the upcoming week.  Tomorrow will mark the 1/2 way mark … woohoo!

Until tomorrow … xoxo


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