Day 12

2:30am – woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep.  I couldn’t shut my brain off and started thinking of all the work I had to do.  It took me an hour and lots of deep breaths because my heart was racing to get myself back to sleep.

By the time my alarm went off it was very difficult to get out of bed, I did not sleep well at all.

6:20am – had breakfast, (2) scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes and handful of raspberries and blueberries.

8am – got to the office and made myself a green tea.  I was dragging butt, luckily today is Friday ๐Ÿ™‚

10am – was feeling hungry and needed a pick me up so I had a peach (I am seriously addicted to these lately, mostly because they are in season and so delicious) and I accompanied it with an RX Bar.

12pm – heated up lunch, same as yesterday.  Leftover beef ribs with potatoes and broccolini.

2:30pm – was feeling in a slump … but pushed past it.

4:15pm – its “Wine” Friday, I was pretty hungry so I had a shake I had made and brought with me to work and had a Chomps beef stick with water … really wanted a glass of wine though ๐Ÿ™‚

5:15pm – wow, an hour after my shake I had stomach pains, like the ones I’ve had recently. So weird. Don’t know what ingredient caused that but I’ll be paying attention for sure now, because that wasn’t fun! 

6:30pm – got home and made some homemade mayo

7:15pm – made myself some chicken salad (I had made the shredded chicken earlier this week) and cut up some raw peppers. I of course accompanied it with my seltzer in a wine glass. 

I am really hoping to get a good nights sleep tonight, I really need it. I’m going to get up and go for a hike in the morning. I think some time in nature will do me some good, it’s always my sanctuary. 

I really want to get into a hobby. I think it would good for my brain (to shut off) and my soul. I think maybe I’ll go to the craft store tomorrow. I want to make a dream catcher for my room so maybe I’ll start there. 

Until tomorrow… xo


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