Day 11

4:30am – my alarm went off, it was time to get up and get a workout in 🙂


Squat, Toe Touches and Shoulder Circles 3 x 15 each

Side Lunges 2×10, Situp 2×15 and Neck Circles 2×15

4 Rounds for Time

50 Single Unders

25 KB Swings (its been awhile since I’ve done KB swings so I started with the 18 lb)

Then 1/2 mile run, slow pace should take approx. 4 min followed by a cool down walk – took me a total of 9 min for the run/walk

Got back to my house and had 20 min before I needed to shower which was nice so I could cool down.

6:20am – had (2) scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes and a handful of raspberries and blueberries

8am – got to work fast so I decided to stop at Dunks on my walk from the train and indulge in a large iced tea with extra lemon 🙂

10:45am – was hungry so I had a peach with a handful of cashews

12:30pm – heated up lunch, today was leftovers from my crockpot ribs with purple fingerling potatoes and broccolini.  I enjoyed it with a seltzer.

1:15pm – today was a bit stressful managing a bunch of different clients and trying to stay on top of it so I started thinking of going home and indulging in a glass of wine.  I’ve been wearing an essential oil bracelet that I have been using with lavender oils.  So I stopped and inhaled the smells and took a moment to take some deep breaths, this seemed to help.  I might go take a walk in a bit to get some fresh air as well.

3pm – we had a vendor visit our office, showcasing liquid nitrogen ice cream.  Luckily I’ve had it before so it was easy to pass up.  But then Westin Copley hotel came in and dropped off cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake.  Cupcakes are my weakness.  But I held strong and enjoyed an RX bar to keep me content.  It worked.  I am sure the cupcake would have been delicious but I didn’t miss it.

7:30pm – got home and tidied up the house a bit.  Then heated up some leftovers.  It was my chicken, cauliflower and sweet potato curry dish.  It was delicious.  I of course made myself a seltzer in a wine glass.  Today I was really craving wine but I held strong.

When I got home from work today, I had a new cookbook in the mail today, I was so pumped.  Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook.  It’s amazing and I can’t wait to try all the recipes.  If you don’t follow her blog or haven’t checked out her other cookbook you are seriously missing out.  Its amazing and its where I get most of my inspirations from.

Yesterday I got my first Stitch Fix (thanks to my friend Jen for the great birthday gift!).  Have you ever tried it?  I recommend it.  Its like having a personal stylist.  I didn’t love everything they sent but they did a pretty good job and I kept a really nice pair of jeans.  I just setup my next delivery for 2 weeks.  Its such a fun experience.  Now I can’t stop pinning fall outfits to help inspire them on my next shipment!

Notes so far.  I remember on most Whole30’s that by now I have experienced the “sugar dragon” – I have not had any of these side effects yet (that must be a good sign!).  I also remember usually by now thinking food tasted like dirt, I am not having that effect either.  That’s either a sign that I have been good with my eating for awhile so other than not drinking not too much has changed in my diet or because my health has changed so much that maybe I am just experiencing this Whole30 on a different level.  Hmmm….

Well, until tomorrow … xoxo


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