Day 9

5:45am – my alarm went off.  I needed to get up even though I was staying home from work today so I could get in a light breakfast.  This would be the last time I could eat until approx. 2pm.  I had made myself a shake last night to make it easy. Since I was up I decided I should get a workout in to be productive.



A1. Squat 3×15    A2. Toe Touches 3×15   A3.  Shoulder Circles 3×15

B1. Side Lunge 2×10   B2. Setup 2×15   B3. Neck Circles 2×15

Squat Therapy – Sit against a wall for 5 minutes


10 Dumbell Deadlifts   10 Pushups   10 Leg Raises … I did 7 rounds!

11:30am – my dad arrived and we were off to Woburn for my Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy.  I was hungry so was looking forward to having this over so I could eat.  I remembered that after my colonoscopy they made me eat something before I was discharged so I packed some Whole30 compliant snacks just in case.

2:15pm – I survived!  I don’t remember it, thanks to some good narcotics.  Although this time when I woke up in recovery I was really out of it, much more than when I had my colonoscopy.  I have a gag reflex so they gave me this spray which numbed my interior of my mouth and throat, I was still feeling those effects.  The doctor came in to go over the results.  They took more biopsies as they found more ulcers, this time instead of just in my colon they are now also in my stomach.  With this new information the doctor agreed with me that I could hold off on going on Humira and instead try a less evasive drug protocol (Lialda) to help with the inflammation and ulcers.  I was relieved!  She said I will have to come back in 3 months and have this procedure again to see if my ulcers have gotten better, worse or the same.  I am meeting with her next week in her office to go over all my test results.  One of my blood tests I ddi showed that my celiac level was high.  In the past 2.5 weeks I have had a colonoscopy, an MRI on my bowel and now an upper gastrointestinal endoscopy.  I feel like a pro in the medical procedure world now.  Haha.  Looking forward to speaking with her next week once all my results are in and see what is causing all of this flare up and how to get back to a healthy me!

Because of the procedure, they didn’t want me to eat for another 2 hours.  My dad took me to get my prescriptions filled and then took me home.  I had an RX bar, I waited 90-minutes, when I got home.  Then I realized how hungry I really was so I heated up (2) meatballs and made myself a tea.  I was still feeling so out of it so I decided to lay down and watch a movie.

6pm – I had put some ribs in the crockpot when I left to go to the Dr’s.  I roasted some purple fingerling potatoes and broccolini (fresh from a local farm).

7pm – I had dinner.  I was starving.  It was delicious and my side of seltzer in a wine glass was the perfect accompaniment.

All in all, it was a good day.  I am really tired and still foggy so I am looking forward to a good nights sleep.  But I am happy that I got more information on my health and feel like hopefully soon I’ll have the answers I need to a healthier version of myself.  Also, I am very grateful to my work for being so understanding this past month with all of my doctors appointments.

Back to work tomorrow … xo


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