Day 8

Got 8.5 hours of sleep.  I woke up at 430am wide awake, should have taken that as a sign to get up because I went back to bed and then when my alarm went off at 545am I didn’t want to get up.

6:15am – had (2) scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes and a handful of raspberries and blueberries.

I wanted to stop for a Dunkin Donuts ice tea on my way to work but didn’t have time.  Instead when I got to the office I made myself a decaf Green Tea.

9:15am – surprisingly I was hungry, so I had a peach I brought and a handful of cashews.  It hit the spot.

12:30pm – reheated my leftovers from last night ( and enjoyed it with a seltzer.  I sat at my desk to eat, which I typically do at work.  I work and eat lunch simultaneously.   Today I made the effort to take time to eat.  It took me over an hour to eat my entire lunch (well and that I kept getting distracted as well).

3:30pm – felt hungry so I had and RX Bar. I brought (2) meatballs but I actually forgot about it  

6:15pm – went to the Chiropractor. She cleared me for a week, making progress …

7pm – got home and got to cooking. I was making instead of swordfish I used cod as Hannafords had it as a special from Maine. I accompanied the fish with roasted cauliflower rice and asparagus. I didn’t grill the fish, I baked it in the oven instead. 

8pm – cooking was complete. I didn’t let the fish marinate for an hour, it only marinated for 30-minutes. It was delicious. I think the fish would have been even better grilled and maybe marinated for more time but the avacado and peach salsa really hit the spot. I enjoyed dinner with my lime seltzer with fresh squeezed limes. It was super refreshing. 

Tomorrow I go for my endoscopy. Then hopefully I’m done with procedures for awhile. I will get up early to get a workout in since I’ll be working from home in the morning. I can have a light breakfast at 630am but then only clear liquids until my procedure is done at 2pm 

Until tomorrow …  xo


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