Day 7

I slept at my sisters last night. The humidity had finally broke after what felt like 2 weeks of extreme heat. So we were able to sleep with the windows open. I slept so good. I got 9 hours of sleep!

815am – after I got Marley up I made myself (2) scrambled eggs with sweet potatoes. Marley and I shared the sweet potatoes again. Then I decided to make some fried bananas. He didn’t want any so I got to eat them all. It was such a nice treat. 

1pm – was hungry and since I was at my sisters I decided to make myself a shake and have a go chops beef stick so I could go grocery shopping. I had made my list and knew I was about to go and buy ALOT of food. I wanted to make sure I was prepared for all scenarios this week

4pm – got home and started cooking right away. I made meatballs with homemade sauce to have on hand for a snack. I cooked up (3) chicken breasts so I could shred it to have on hand. I made sweet potatoes for breakfast. I marinated my shortribs that I’m going to use in the crockpot on Tuesday. 

While all the food cooked I decided to organize the house. I cleaned out one of our kitchen cabinets so I could organize all my cookbooks. I cleaned out the liquor cabinet and married bottles to make more space. I had bought an organization shelf at Home Goods yesterday for my bathroom so I organized the bathroom closet. I then took out all the trash. It felt so good to declutter and organize. *Here is where I would enjoy a glass of wine, but of course didn’t. 

6pm – started dinner. I was making Aloo Gobi from

I poured myself a seltzer in a wine glass with lime juice and watched some TV as it cooked. 

730 – had dinner with fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, oil, balsamic vinegar and salt & pepper. One of the things I love about Hannafords (grocery store) is they have a local farm stand featured in their produce department. So my cucumbers and tomatoes were local and you could definitely taste the difference, it was delicious. 

I finished watching some TV before heading to bed. Happy to have some meal prepped and ready to get week 2 underway. Feeling great so far! 

Until tomorrow … xo


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