Day 6

Slept okay.  I got up a lot to go pee in the middle of the night, which was weird, but I took my medicine late so maybe that’s why?? 

7am – I had brought home some leftover frittata but I was so over it I just decided to make myself (3) scrambled eggs with sweet potatoes and raspberries.  I am hoping the weather holds off today so I can go to Lull Farm in NH and stock up on lots of fresh fruits and veggies!

8am – I grabbed myself an iced tea with extra lemon from Dunks before heading up north for a meeting with my bride. 

1:30pm – surprisingly I wasn’t feeling hungry but knew I needed to eat. I was at my sisters by now which they were making a taco dip and homemade corn chowder, which I couldn’t have. I instead had a chomps beef stick, a fuel for fire and an RX bar. All “snacks” so not the best choice but it worked. I made myself a seltzer with peaches, it was DELICIOUS! 

My sister had a lot of visitors which was so fun. It was great to see everyone. 

8:30 – we were going to make meatballs (I brought a spaghetti squash) but no one felt like cooking so late. So they decided to hear some leftover shepards pie that one of my sisters coworkers had brought over the night before. This contains corn, but since now I was REALLY hungry I decided to eat it and I picked out all other corn. I had a side salad as well. I don’t think it was filling as I needed but it did the trick. 

I look forward to tomorrow so I can come up with some new recipes, grocery shop and meal prep for the week. Being prepared and ready is the key to success. 


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