Day 5

Got up early so I could get ready before my dad arrived.  He was coming over to my sister’s to watch Marley so I could go to work.

6:15am – had my frittata (yup, officially kinda over it now), sweet potatoes with blueberries.

7am – stopped at dunks and got a large iced tea with extra lemon for my ride to Boston

Surprisingly I made it all the way to lunch without a snack. I had made myself a shake but ended up not needing it in the morning.  My office ordered Panera for lunch but I skipped it and stuck to my leftovers

12:30pm – had leftover grilled chicken from Tuesday night, potatoes and some salad.  Forgot oil and vinegar so are it plain, skipped most of the lettuce.  It was filling

4pm – decided to drink my shake to make sure I made it to dinner.  The office was enjoying “wine friday” and I drank my shake in content (haha, sort of!).  We were going out for drinks after work and wanted to make sure I stayed strong!

530pm – I had (2) seltzer’s, watch out!  I hadn’t taken my prednisone today because I ran out at my sisters.  I was starting to feel the effects and could feel my body swelling so it was time to go home

7pm – got home, it was nice to be home.  Got organized from being gone all week and repacked to head back up to my sisters on Saturday

745pm – reheated my pulled pork with apples, potatoes and broccoli.  It hit the spot.

10pm – off to bed, I’m exhausted and need to get up early to meet with the bride and groom early tomorrow morning up north who’s wedding I am doing in September.



2 thoughts on “Day 5

    1. Hi Erica – no quinoa is not allowed. For the most part it’s just meat/fish, vegetables and fruit. You need to avoid all sugar, dairy, legumes, alcohol, etc. I highly recommend reading the book “it starts with food” it was life changing for me. Hope all is well.

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