Day 4

I got up early so I could get ready before Marley woke up.  We had a big day ahead of us.  We were going to the hospital to meet his new baby sister!  “IT’S A GIRL”  Both mom and baby are doing great!

6:15am – I had my frittata again, it was okay this morning.  But the sweet potatoes and raspberries were delicious.

7:30am – on the way to the hospital I had a seltzer, I was feeling very thirsty (a side effect from the steriods I am on, that I am slowly tapering myself off of)

11:15am – We had a great time visiting the family.  Marley was so excited to see his mom and dad.  He didn’t want to leave so I told him we would get donuts when we left.  I got him some munchkins and I got myself a large black iced tea with lemon. It was very refreshing.

We got home and I put him down for his nap.  While he napped I heated up my lunch.  I was VERY hungry!

1pm – I made the taco salad again, its so good.  I devoured that as I caught up on some work emails.  I will be back in the office tomorrow and my dad will come and watch Marley.

4pm – we headed back to the hospital for another visit!  I made myself a shake as I wasn’t sure when I would be home and wanted to make sure I didn’t get hungry.

We got home late so I made Marley a pulled pork quesadilla.  I don’t know if he was too thrilled but he had some bites and I consider that a win.  They looked so good so I was sad to have to throw it away, but its not Whole30 compliant.

8:45pm – I heated up some leftovers.  Pulled pork with apples, potatoes and broccoli.  I enjoyed another fancy seltzer water.

I am headed back to work tomorrow, my Dad will take over Marley duty.  I need to get some meals packed so I am prepared.  Looking forward to getting back to my routine but I must say these past 3 days with Marley have been a blessing.  He is such a joy to be around and so much fun.  Its been really good for my mental health.  Adventures of Auntie Jamie and Marley will continue… xoxo


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