Day 2

Stayed at my sister’s last night.  We are patiently awaiting the newest edition of baby Ford #2.

I logged on to get some work done before my nephew woke up.  When he got up I made us breakfast.  I had pre-made a frittata (eggs, asparagus, scallions and mushrooms) and had some sweet potatoes I had roasted with cinnamon and a handful of raspberries.  Someone (Marley) ended up eating all my sweet potatoes, but I was happy to share.  I have also decided to stop drinking coffee during this Whole30.  I know coffee is allowed but it hasn’t been good on my gut so for now I will skip it and it will be something I try and re-introduce to see how I feel when I am done.  This morning I made myself a peach tea this morning, it was delicious!

12:15pm – I reheated the Pistachio Pesto Chicken with Sundried Tomatoes.  Its still good, even on day 3!  I was hungry by the time lunch rolled around so I ate it pretty fast. I had a lemon seltzer as well.

3pm – I was feeling pretty hungry.  I decided to make myself a shake (coconut milk, frozen berries, cashew butter, some Greens and water).  It was delicious.

7pm – I made myself a seltzer with lemon and lime juice in a moscow mule cup.  I felt fancy, haha.  I was at my sisters and they had some people from the gym over.  They had opened a nice bottle of wine and even though I was tempted to have a glass I stayed strong.

7:30pm – Todd grilled some chicken that he had marinated with fresh herbs from the garden, it was delicious.  He also grilled corn on the cob, but I skipped that since its not Whole30 approved.  I made myself a big salad with some oil as a dressing.  The dinner was fresh and delicious and filled me up.

I ended up going to bed later than I usually do because I was hanging out with my sister and Todd.  We are really hoping tomorrow is the day for baby #2!


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