Whole30 – IV

Tomorrow I will embark on another Whole30 … it will be my FOURTH!  I have learned so much from each Whole30 that I’ve done.  It’s been almost two years since my last Whole30 and recently have had some changes in my health so I think its time to learn some more.

Most doctor’s I find won’t admit that what you eat can truly determine how you feel.  Sure there are some medical issues that no matter what, drugs are the only way to go but in most cases the food that you put on your plate can either be healthy and good for you or can internally make you feel sick.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with the onsite stages of Rheumatoid Arthritis.  For the most part I function just fine.  Occasionally I have a bad day.  I am currently taking a non-steroid inflammatory prescription once a day.

Last week I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis.  Since both RA and Colitis are autoimmune diseases I figured a Whole30 would be very beneficial for me to see which foods make my insides flare up.

Leading up to my diagnosis last week I had not been feeling well for almost two months, as more and more symptoms appeared I finally decided it was time to go to call my doctor, they suggested I go and see a Gastroenterologist.  Two days after I saw the Gastro Dr. I went in for a colonoscopy.  It wasn’t bad as I had imagined, the worst part of it all was the drink!

I am now scheduled for an MRI of my bowel tomorrow morning and then an Endoscopy (where they stick a camera down your throat) the following week.  Luckily no signs of cancer but I will need to have a colonoscopy each year for observation.

My Gastro dr. wants me to start a pretty intense drug therapy (Humira) and I although its not the outcome I was hoping for, I do know I need to get the inflammation down (it was so bad I could barely walk) and my hope is it won’t be a long term solution … enter the Whole30.  I truly think that if I become very strict and eat super clean that I can help manage it on my own.  That even though they say there is no scientific study that diet can help with this disease that there are foods out there that can cause inflammation.

I’ve read a lot of articles and blogs over the past week, trying to learn as much as I can so I can empower myself with the knowledge I need to live a healthy lifestyle.  I am increasing my supplements, I currently take Isotonix Prenatal Vitamin, SFH Fish Oil with Vitamin D and after some research have started to take a Turmeric Supplement as well.  I just want to live a well-balanced healthy life.  I just turned 35 (5 days ago) … I still got a lot of life to live.

My hope is to continue to blog to share my experience with UC and the effects of the Whole30.

Much love and happiness and thanks for reading!

… BE WILD & BE FREE! xoxo


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