Day 23

Day 21 & 22 – I didn’t blog, sorry.  I just really wanted to disconnect from “social media” this weekend.  It wasn’t a huge success as I was still on Facebook but I tried to put my phone out of reach as much as possible.  It was kind of refreshing.  I didn’t “cheat” this weekend although I was tempted to but figured I made it this far I should go to the end.  I did eat great, since I was at my sisters for the weekend.  We went apple picking yesterday and that was fun.  I love fall and am looking to enjoying the outdoors as much as possible before winter comes.

I did make this last night for dinner and posted it on my Facebook because it was AMAZING so I thought I should share it again 🙂 I made mine with a mixture of mashed cauliflower and mashed sweet potatoes.  Enjoy!

I had a hard time waking up this morning.  My thighs are on fire from all the squats I did on Saturday at CrossFit.  I am definitely walking a little funny today.

6:30am – I had 2 scrambled eggs with sweet potato hash.  I had some leftover baked apples from last night too.  I need to make more of those!

Holy commute.  I know I complain about my commute, but seriously … it took me TWO HOURS to get to the train this morning.  My overall commute took me 2.5 hours, not a way I wanted to start my Monday.

10am – had a banana with almond butter, that put me in a better mood!

11:45am – had to leave the office for lunch so wanted to make sure I ate before running out.  I brought my leftovers from last night, still so good.  I brought cut up cucumbers.  I had cut these up last night to eat them and forgot.  I also had a seltzer.  I then realized I hadn’t gone to the bathroom since leaving my house this morning and I had a cup of coffee and water??  Hmmm … maybe I was dehydrated.  I did feel like I hadn’t really drank enough water all weekend.

3:30pm – I had an apple (that I picked yesterday!) with some almond butter for my afternoon snack.  I made sure I was consuming a good amount of water this afternoon to play “catch up”.

7:30pm – came home and started cooking.  I was really excited to make dinner tonight.  I roasted some green beans and heated up some mashed sweet potatoes.  I made Coconut, Ginger Chicken.  It was DELICIOUS!!!


Now to catch up on some DVR …



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