Day 19

Oh bad mood you are still there … I will shake you off.  Pushing through my pain and taking on the day (or at least trying to).  I’m exhausted!

6:30am – had my sweet potato hash with 2 scrambled eggs.

7:00am – had my morning coffee on my drive in to work

9:00am – had 2 hardboiled eggs, I am kind of over those (lol)

10:30am – was needing something, so I had 3 cuties (clementines).  They were juicy and delicious.

12:30pm – had my chicken with butternut squash again, with sweet potatoes, cut up peppers and seltzer.  Really dragging today but pushing through it!

3:30pm – had my apple with almond butter

Glad the day was over. Was really happy to come home and relax.

7:30pm – had my leftover spaghetti squash and sausage. So freaking good.

Made my grocery list so I was ready for the weekend. Heading to my sisters after work tomorrow. Looking forward to the weekend!!


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