Day 18

5:45am came real fast this morning, but I dragged my butt out of bed to get the day started.  My wrist was reaking havoc on me again, but within the hour of getting up it was feeling a little bit better.

6:30am – had my sweet potato hash and 2 scrambled eggs.

I drove into the office this morning because I had our work vehicle.  It was so nice not to have to take the “T” or deal with people and I got to work early.  I wish I could drive in more often!

8:45am – I had my 2 hard boiled eggs

12:00pm – I was really dragging ass and was getting moody, think its the lack of sleep.  I was hungry too.  Is the day over yet?  I had my chicken with figs and butternut squash.  I had made this in the crockpot on Monday but hadn’t had time to try it yet.  It was really good.  I brought some mashed sweet potatoes and I think that was the perferct combination.  A great “fall” meal.  Of course I had my cut up peppers and seltzer with it as well.  It probably took me an hour to eat lunch.  I eat my lunch at my desk everyday so I sometimes get distracted from eating, which isn’t a bad thing because then it takes me time to eat it all vs. just devouring it.  I was feeling a little more spunky after eating, not a lot, but a little.

4:00pm – had an apple with almond butter

Man, was I in a BAD mood at the end of the day. I really wanted to just drink a BOTTLE of wine and forget about everything. No seriously I really thought about it. But I didn’t. I came home and started cooking right away.

7:45pm – I had spaghetti squash with homemade sauce and sausage. It was AMAZING. Just what I needed, a little comfort food. It’s crazy how much I love spaghetti squash now.

My wrist is really bothering me and I am still in a bad mood so an early bedtime it is for me. Here’s to waking up tomorrow to a new day 🙂


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