Day 17

I had a really hard time falling asleep last night so my alarm came way too early this morning.  I am really loving the cool air at night, helps me sleep better.  Woke up and my wrist hurt real bad again??

6:20am – was ready to get the day started and wanted to get out of the house early.  Had my 2 poached eggs with sweet potato hash, yum!

Got a text that I needed to work an event tonight so needed to prepare all my food for the day so I was ready.  Its going to be a busy day, lots of meetings and working late but I think “food wise” I am prepared 🙂

7:10am – headed out of the house a little late and by the time I got to the T it was running with major delays so it was kind of good I wasn’t on time or I would have just waited around.

9:15am – had my 2 hardboiled eggs and a handful of nuts when I got to the office.

10:30am – sales meeting, i had an apple spice tea.  We had a vendor come in with cookies and I passed them off with no regret.

12:30pm – had a meeting with a client in their offices today.  They were considerate enough to email us the lunch menu yesterday so I was able to make a healthy decision before arriving.  I ordered the Cobb Salad without the cheese and dressing.  It did the trick.  Someone did bring in HUGE chocolate chip cookies and they did look appetizing but I passed on them … I think I was the only one.

What I have realized is that I am not a gum chewer.  I don’t carry gum on me, ever.  But everyone in my office does.  Today was the first time that I wanted a piece of gum because I had a “blah” taste in my mouth, but I didn’t and just drank some water.

4:15pm – had an apple with almond butter.  Tried a lady pink apple (i think that was what it was called) – interesting.  I am typically a granny smith apple eater, but last week they were super tart so I thought I would switch it up a bit.  It goes well with almond butter, so no complaints here.

8:30pm – had to work an event tonight.  I brought 2 cans of tuna with my whole30 mayo and cut up peppers as I knew there wouldn’t be much for me to eat.  It worked.  The caterer brought bottles of wine and some appetizing looking apps to our back room.  Although it did look good, I held strong.  I did try the shrimp as it was plain.

I got home at midnight so I apologize for this a day late post 🙂


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