Day 16

Slept really good last night.  Woke up before my alarm went off, love that.

6:25am – had my sweet potato hash I made over the weekend with 2 poached eggs over it, it was amazing.

Before heading out of the house I put my dinner in the crockpot, Butternut Squash with Figs and Chicken, can’t wait to try that!

7:15am – on my way to work I had my coffee.  I felt very relaxed on my drive which was great since its such a long one.

9:30am – got to the office and had my 2 hard boiled eggs.  I wasn’t actually super hungry, like I was most of last week this time but I was hungry enough.

12:50pm – I had my leftover chicken pumpkin curry from last night.  It tasted a lot spicier today, no complaints, except my nose was running – lol.  I had it with some cut up peppers and my seltzer.  I will say my head feels a lot clearer today, not sure if its the energy or what, but I’m digging it 🙂

2:30pm – had a blueberry tea!

4:00pm – had an apple with almond butter

I came home to my crockpot smelling so good. It’s for lunch this week and recipe will follow at the end of this, hope you can read it.

7:45pm – reheated my sweet potatoes and made some garlic broccoli and garlic with spices sea scallops. Holy garlic, so good but wow. It was delicious. Enjoyed a seltzer too. Picture shows only 1/2 of the scallops I actually eaten.

Great day and feeling strong. Keep up the good good word.





2 thoughts on “Day 16

  1. I’ve been following you (occasionally) and your doing great. I don’t know what regiment your on but your kicking ass. I keep FB friends to FB so I know nothing outside of it. ( nod-nod-wink-wink). Sometime we’ll talk privately, and let me know about this program. Keep on being strong!!!

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