Day 15

Slept for 9 1/2 hours. Woohoo. Woke up pretty stiff but after about an hour felt great. Played with my nephew for awhile, he brings so much joy to my life (well really to my entire family)

Between 8am and 11am did a taste testing of the RX Bars with Jen and Todd. They are all so good. Had some scrambled eggs and a piece of fruit with black coffee.

Jen, Marley and I headed to the store to get some food for the Pats game.

I made my 1st attempt at guacamole. I’ve always been intimidated by it but it was wicked easy, even Marley approved. I cut up carrots and celery to serve with it. It was delicious.

2pm (ish) – Todd did some cooking which is always enjoyable. Had some tacos with lettuce as the tortilla, topped with salsa and guacamole and then had some amazing wings with his famous homemade sauce. So great. Enjoyed a peach seltzer. It was actually good.

Headed home after the Patriots WON! Watched a little TV and enjoyed a pumpkin black tea before I began making dinner. It was a process but it was actually easy.


Here is the recipe –

You need to make it. It had some “heat” but I really liked it.

Great day. We are 1/2 way through. Stay strong CF603. Hope everyone has a great week!!!


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