Day 14

7:00am – it felt so good to sleep in. I slept amazing. It didn’t hurt to sleep for the first time in weeks. I didn’t have to throw my body out of bed in order to get up. Thanks doc for the steroids, you were right, they made me feel like a million bucks.

8:15am – reheated my sweet potato egg bake. I’m official over that now, lol.

Headed to the grocery store so I could get some meal-prep done early. I cooked up a dozen hard boiled eggs, mashed some sweet potatoes, cut up peppers and made a ginormous (is that a word?) amount of sweet potato hash for the week. I’m excited for some new recipes this week 🙂

I lost track of time cooking so somewhere between 11am and 12:30pm I had 2 hard boiled eggs and the rest of my chicken salad with a seltzer.

I decided to head to Old Navy as I had a coupon and get some new clothes to replace the clothes that just don’t fit anymore (even before I started the Whole30). Because my joints were feeling pretty good as I was excited to try some stuff on. Man did I make out, can’t wait to wear my new fall clothes!!

3:00pm – After some shopping I headed up to my sisters. I had an apple RX bar with a seltzer on my drive to hold me over.

8:15pm – had dinner at my sisters. Todd cooked us some tilapia, salmon and scallops. We had some shrimp cocktail with homemade cocktail sauce. Accompanied it with some garlic broccoli, mashed sweet potatoes and a small salad. It was delicious (and even better I didn’t have to cook)

We have the “wild card challenge” tomorrow with CF603. Hoping the weather cooperates for it. Can’t wait to see what it entails.

Still feeling good, have some aches and pains but the medicine is doing its job. Have a great night and see some of you tomorrow 🙂


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