Day 12

Slept really good last night but didn’t want to get up this morning at all.

6:20am – I feel like I have to make myself eat breakfast but then I’m hungry by the time I get to the office because I’m not eating that much?? I had my sweet potato egg bake again, its still delicious and I’m on day 4 of eating it 🙂

7:00am – had my coffee on the way to work. I could comment on the traffic, but it hasn’t changed – it still SUCKS.

9:00am – was hungry when I got to the office so I had my banana and 2 hard boiled eggs. I did remember my teas this morning so I am excited to drink some of that today! 10:45am – made myseld a apple cider tea 🙂

12:30pm – lunch time. I had chicken salad with my homemade mayo. I should have brought more, I devoured it! I had cut up peppers with a seltzer. I was still hungry so I cut up the avacado I brought just in case. The first bite I had I made the face that my nephew made trying it for the first time. I love avacados, but I’ve always eaten them with something and not by itself. Luckily I had peppers left so I would take a bite of the avacado with a pepper, that seemed to do the trick – and I ate the entire avacado!! 3:15pm – some blueberry tea, yes please!

4:00pm – I was fading fast and real hungry so I ate my apple and some almond butter and that brought me back to life.

I came home to a smoky house and the fire alarm going off. Must mean only one thing, my roommate is cooking. LMAO, just kidding V. For some reason our fire alarm likes to go off when we cook so it wasn’t 100% her fault 🙂

7:00pm – reheated my pork chops and peaches with butternut squash and unsweetened applesauce. I devoured it!

I am excited that I was able to get an appointment with my doctor tomorrow morning to have my joints looked at. They are inflamed and swollen and I feel like its time they are properly looked at. Stay tuned.


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