Day 11

I slept so good last night but did not want to get up this morning.

6:25am – had to force myself to eat breakfast this morning. I was in such a fog. I had, of course, my sweet potato egg bake.

7am – on my way to work I had my coffee

9:30am – had 2 hard boiled eggs and a banana when I got to the office

12:30pm – had the last of Todd’s leftover chili with some celery, cut up peppers and a seltzer

4:00pm – had an apple and some almond butter. Was really dragging a** today after yesterday and wish I had brought in some tea (bought some awesome teas this weekend) but I forgot them. Luckily only an hour left in the work day.

5:15pm – got randomly selected at the T today for a search from the Boston PD. Well, at least he said I had beautiful eyes. But the commute home sucked. Got stuck on the T for 40 min. Then there was traffic – so a nice 2 hr drive to work this morning and a nice 2 hr commute home. Sweet!!

7:40pm – had no energy to cook dinner, but I did and it was great. I made pork chops with white peaches, unsweetened apple sauce and butternut squash.

Here is the recipe:

I also came home to my delivery or the RX bars and my coconut oil I ordered.

Good night and on to the next day!





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