Day 10

3:45am – way too early!! I slept awesome so was not happy when my alarm went off. I sleep so much better with all of the windows open and the cold air.

4:15am – ate some of my sweet potato egg bake even though I wasn’t too hungry.

Between 5am and 7am I had 2 cups of coffee!!

8:30am – just before my big event started I snuck off to eat 2 hard boiled eggs and a banana. As I was assisting the caterer setting up the pastries I realized I was hungry because the urge to eat a cinnamon roll or bagel was almost too hard to resist. But I resisted 🙂

Lunch break couldn’t come soon enough. We ordered sandwiches with bags of chips and cookies for the crew and although it looked and smelled good I was really excited to eat my lunch I packed. I had 2 cans of tuna (and man was I happy I prepared 2 of them) with my homemade Whole30 mayo and cucumber slices. I devoured it.

After lunch I decided to get some fresh air since I had been inside since 6am. Man was it a PERFECT day! I soaked up some Vitamin D and then headed back in for the 2nd half of the conference.

5pm – I snuck away again and sat on the floor behind the stage and had my apple with almond butter, it was delicious

8:30 – was surprised I got to get home at a reasonable time so I took advantage of re-heating some leftovers for dinner. I reheated my shrimp and mashed cauliflower from last night. It was great.

I will say I truly think today wouldn’t have been a success without me being 100% prepared. Its all about preparation and planning ahead.

Looking forward to a good nights sleep 🙂


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