Day 8

Slept really good. Slept at my sisters house and with all the windows open and the chill in the air I slept like a baby

7:45am – had leftover frittata my sister had made (eggs, scallions, asparagus and tomatoes)

10am – ran the 1/2 way to St Patty’s Day 5K. Second time doing this race. Was on Whole30 last year when I did it and couldn’t enjoy the beers after but had fun doing it. It was Marley’s 2nd race. Jen did awesome and pushed Marley the whole time. I had to take some breaks but did way better than I thought I would. I’ve definitely noticed since stopping CrossFit daily how much endurance I’ve lost and can’t wait until I can get back to a more regular schedule with it.

11am – had a primal pack and coffee after the race

After the race we headed to Lull Farm in Hollis, NH. I love that place. I bought lots of great vegetables and some fun teas to drink.

4:15pm – I hung out at the Ford’s for a bit and Todd cooked us lunch. We had wings with homemade buffalo sauce, delicious! And some homemade chili as well. Totally hit the spot.

I headed home so I could get some more cooking done. I roasted some sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts and a chicken.

I watched “The Call” as it all cooked. Have you seen it? Holy cow not a movie to watch by yourself at night. I was on the seat of the couch the whole time, but it was good.

7:45pm – enjoyed dinner as I finished the movie.

9pm – made myself a tea so I could watch Dexter before heading to bed.

It was such a great and productive weekend. I love fall.

Happy 1 week done everyone 🙂


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