Day 6

Oh rainy day …

6:25am – same breakfast as all week.  Next week we will reinvent the wheel to bring some “flavor” to my morning 🙂

Today I left my house a little late and with the rain I knew my commute would not be enjoyable (is it ever?).  So I decided to venture a new way to see if it would make a difference and it did.  Will need to test that out next week too, kind of excited if it does work out.

Today is going to be an interesting day.  I need to leave my office around 10:30am and will be gone most of the day with no access to microwave, etc.  So need to re-plan my eating to make sure I stay on track.

8:45am – when I got in I decided to have my banana and some almonds to leave my hardboiled eggs for when I am on site as they will be more filling and I’ll probably need it.  I plan on eating my “lunch” before I leave in hopes that will tie me over for a bit … here’s hoping!

10:15am – lunch (i think some people in my office thought i was weird for eating so early!).  I had some leftover ground turkey with zucchini and summer squash and some leftover spaghetti squash with meat sauce.  It was definitely the end of all leftovers but it was actually good.

I spent the next 4-hours running a bowling teambuilding event for my client.  I watched them as they drank lots of beers (and other alcohol), ate potatoes, bread and cupcakes.  I came back to the office wanting a beer, but I poured myself a water 🙂

2:00pm – I was hungry around 1:30pm but didn’t have time to step away from my client so when I had the chance I ate my 2 hardboiled eggs that I saved from this morning and I had brought my leftover cantalope as well.  That did the trick.

4:50pm – was getting hungry again so started eating some nuts as I caught up on emails, etc before heading out for the weekend.

I stopped on my way home in Harold Parker State Forest to watch the sunset – it was peaceful!

7:00pm – I was hungry but not for anything I had in the fridge.  I reheated my leftover sun-dried tomato chicken and made 2 fried eggs.  I had a handful of cut up peppers and a seltzer.  It did the trick.

I then sat down and mapped out my recipes/meals for next week.  I’m really looking forward to them and should be prepared for all scenarios at work.

Happy weekend 🙂


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