Day 5

Woohoo – its day 5!

Slept pretty decent last night and woke up before my alarm 🙂

6:25am – had my usual breakfast.  Because I planned my menus in advance I think I got bored this week with my food.  Next week I need to spice things up a bit and add in more food to get me through the day.

I just orderd some Sample Packs from  And CF603 is getting in some Fuel for Fire so I will be stocking up on those to have for “just in case”.  I ordered Coconut Oil online as well as its cheaper than the grocery store  Oh and if you haven’t bought SFH (fish oil and protein powder) I recommend you do so, I just stocked up for my household.

9:15am – was hungry by the time I got to the office so I had (2) hard boiled eggs with some fresh cut up cantalope (and of course my water!)

12:30pm – was hungry again … brought in some more leftovers.  I had my ground turkey with summer squash, zucchini and I had cooked it in a tomato paste.  I also had a little sweet potatoes with it as well and my oh so favorite seltzer water 🙂

4:00pm – had a banana and a handful of almonds

7:00pm – had my leftover sun-dried tomato chicken with leftover asparagus and sweet potatoes.  I poured myself a seltzer with water as well 🙂

– I am going to call my doctor tomorrow, my joints/muscles are still bothering me (its been almost 5 weeks) and this morning I woke up and had no strength in my right hand.  Don’t know what it is but think its about time I get it all checked out just to make sure!

On to Day 6 🙂


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