Day 2

Got a pretty good nights sleep.

6:25am – Started my morning off with 2 scrambled eggs with spinach and mushrooms. I had water with my breakfast and SFH Fish Oil


7:05am – for my drive into work I had a cup of black coffee

9:30am – when I got into my office and settled I had 2 hard boiled eggs and a handful of almonds with water

12:15pm – for lunch I brought my spaghetti squash with meat sauce leftovers. I had some cucumber slices leftover and ha a seltzer. I was decently hungry at this time, but not starving. I was rushed to eat as I needed to attend a meeting I was unaware of which wasn’t fun so i ate my lunch in 15 minutes.

**remember you want to try and find a peaceful place to eat and take time to enjoy the food. Although rushing can not be avoided remember to try and take time for yourself

4:15pm – I had a Granny Smith apple with almond butter as an afternoon snack

5:45pm – I left my office later than usual but luckily had eaten enough during the day that it covered me until I could get home and make dinner


7:45pm – I got home and just wanted a glass of wine but instead I got cooking.  I made chicken thighs (used Ghee instead of butter) and luckily had made my roasted asparagus and roasted sweet potatoes over the weekend so cooking the chicken was really easy.  I poured myself a seltzer with some lemon and lime and sat down to enjoy dinner.  It was really good, the picture only shows 2 pieces of chicken but I went back and had a 3rd piece.


Oh and I came home to this beautiful kitchen appliance.  A brand new crock pot that is programmable so I can “set it and forget it” for my long days at the office.  Be on the lookout for a new crock pot recipe on Wednesday.


Cheers to day 2 … onto the next 🙂


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