She’s baaaack!!!

Whole30 – round 3!

Yup, that’s right … I am going to do my third Whole30 this month. CrossFit 603 is doing another challenge and I figured it would be good for me mentally and physically if I participated. We all start this weekend 🙂 Sure football season is upon us and fall season is about to start which means lots of fun festive fall drinks but there is never a PERFECT time to start now is there?!

Since my last Whole30 a lot has changed for me. I got a new job and am working in the city now vs. working from home. Because of this change I no longer have the opportunity to get to the box during the week and have relied on my eating to help keep me healthy. I now commute almost 2-hours one way to work and feel like I sit more than anything at my job. I come home after a long day and all I want is a glass of wine and some relax time before heading to bed to start the day again. So I guess, what I feel like I am going to miss the most in the upcoming 30 days is my box of wine!! (haha)

I have definitely felt my body slowly deteriorating over the last 4-5 weeks. A lot of people have complained about feeling sick so I am not sure if that has played a factor, but my body has just felt really “off” lately. From my joints and muscles reaking havoc on my body, to my stomach not really liking most things I eat these days no matter what it is. I am REALLY looking forward to eating clean and getting my body to feel its best the way I know it can (and should)!

The second time I did the Whole30 I didn’t blog everyday about it but instead just posted when I came across a new recipe, etc. My intention on this next Whole30 is to blog as much as possible (hopefully daily). I want to bring awareness to this amazing experience so everyone around me can also feel their ultimate best!

I am going to have to work really hard this time at being prepared and staying Whole30 compliant since I now spend more time out of my house than I do at home. But I know I have the knowledge, experience and necessary tools to stay on track! I also have a great support system (CF603) which really does make all the difference.

I got 2 new cookbooks to use during the Whole30. I know that all the recipes aren’t all Whole30 compliant but I know I can make substitutes to make them work! I can’t wait to get cooking.

Keep an eye out for my blog if you want to follow along my 30-day journey 🙂


5 more days…


4 thoughts on “She’s baaaack!!!

  1. Glad your back!!!!!! With 7 weeks til the wedding im trying paleo for the first time, maybe next time around i will do whole 30 (baby steps) look forward to reading the blog like always. Good luck

  2. You will LOVE The Paleo Slow Cooker! Make the Korean Beef, add mushrooms!! It’s our fave paleo meal (you have to modify just a little)

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