The Next Chapter

You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them. 
~Michael Jordan

CrossFit has taught me a lot in these past 18 months.  I push myself to places I didn’t think I could go (mentally and physically).  I’ve experience things that have made me a better person.  I look in the mirror and I have confidence that I lacked at one point.  I walk into the box and my day (good or bad) has become that much better because of the people and the energy it provides me.  

In January of this year I decided to have “the power of positivity” mantra!  No one was going to determine my happiness if I wanted it I had to become it.  I watched “The Secret” when a friend recommended it and something inside me changed.  I realized that I had the key to my life and I could change and determine what my life was about.  From that day I woke up every morning and decided to be positive and happy and know that “everything” would figure itself out.  

In February I was blessed with one of life’s greatest blessings – a beautiful nephew!  I can’t put into words how it felt that first time I held him.  I have never loved anything so much.  He lights up my world.  I have been very fortunate up until now that I worked from home so I could have a flexible schedule.  I have been able to spend so much time with him over these past 2 months and feel blessed to have had that time with him as he grows and changes daily.

Tomorrow I start a new chapter in my life.  I have left my job of 6 1/2 years and am starting a very new and exciting opportunity in downtown Boston.  Hello commuting!  My life is about to be flipped upside down and I am excited and scared all at the same time for this new adventure.    It will take some time getting use to and finding my new balance but sometimes you need to shake things up.    

Off to enjoy my glass of wine … keep smiling 🙂


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