Whole30 – take 2






So the holidays came and went.  I ate really well and drank probably a little too much.  I had decided to start the New Year with a clean slate and figured if I was going to give up alcohol and dairy for 30 days that I might as well just do the Whole30 all over again.  I had my sisters baby shower the 1st weekend in January so decided to start right after that.  

I had a lot more knowledge and understanding going into the Whole30 this time, so I knew it would be a lot easier for me.  I didn’t have the “sugar dragon” withdrawals.  I did get headaches but I was also recovering from a pinched nerve in my neck and a bruised rib.  Per my doctor I had to take one week off from CrossFit and from any lifting at all.  It wasn’t easy but I decided it was worth my recovery so I wasn’t back to square one a few weeks later because I tweaked it again.

I will say the only thing I missed the most during this round was alcohol.  I had a pretty stressful month overall.  I will say it was probably a good thing I couldn’t drink because I had to find different ways to relieve my stress and anxiety.  I took lots of walks and surrounded myself with the people I love so I kept nice and busy.  Socializing wasn’t hard this time either.  I was prepared for all situations and I knew what I could and couldn’t do so I planned ahead and brought food/drinks wherever I went.

I didn’t blog this experience and instead just shared my new found recipes via Facebook whenever I came across an amazing meal.  I also didn’t vocalize to many that I was doing it.  I did for myself and only me.  I wanted to kick the new year on a healthy start and set the tone for my goals for 2013.  

Superbowl Sunday I allowed myself to eat anything and drink anything.  I didn’t do the “re-introduction” portion this time because I know what foods trigger me and what in small quantities my body can handle.  After having some beer, cheese, tortilla chips and a cupcake by Monday I had a food/beverage hangover; man did my stomach HATE me.  Luckily I work from home so I was able to stay in comfy clothes all day and lounge around while I worked.  I don’t think I would have had the energy to drag myself to work.  Since the Superbowl I haven’t had any alcohol and I’ve gone back to eating pretty much clean.  Now I am at the point where I don’t know if its worth the pain to not eat clean or drink beer.  But then again give me a week and I’m sure I’ll be having another beer and paying the price – but thats the nice part in all of this … is its my choice! 

I will preach “It Starts with Food” and the Whole30 to whoever will listen.  I 100% believe that its a LIFE CHANGING experience and its something that EVERYONE should try.  I know its not all about the numbers but I did weigh myself before and after each Whole30 to see the difference (although looking in the mirror I can totally see the difference so getting on the scale doesn’t even matter).  During the first Whole30 (Sept, 2012) I lost 12 pounds.  During the second Whole30 (January, 2013) I lost 6 pounds but I notice a lot more muscle on me.  Since August 2012 when I started really focusing on my health and wellness I have lost almost 30 pounds.  I look and feel AMAZING.  

I do (although still hesitant) want to share my before and after pictures … I’M PROUD OF MY HARD WORK AND DEDICATION!

Whole30 – Round 1 (September 2012) before on the left, after on the right


Whole 30 – Round 2 (January 2013) before on the left, after on the right


And as Melissa and Dallas Hartwig say … I’ll continue to spread the good food word.  

Until next time … 🙂


3 thoughts on “Whole30 – take 2

  1. Wow, Jamie! This is so impressive!! Congratulations! You are inspiring, and real, and your writing about your process is simply lovely. You transformation seems so healthy and conscious. Thank you for finding the courage to share. Lots of love, Lindsay R. xo

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