POST WHOLE30 – Cheese; have I missed you?

I woke up feeling the love.  After posting my blog last night with my pre and post pics I was a tad nervous putting myself out there but woke up with lots of words of encouragement on Facebook so knew it was worth it.  Thanks everyone 🙂

Got 9 hours of sleep and woke up feeling refreshed.  Today is DAIRY day – let’s see how I do …

I made some sweet potato hash, had 3 scrambled eggs with cheese and 2 pieces of bacon with my water and fish oil.  Wow, for people who know me they know my LOVE for cheese.  I have had cheese in my eggs before and its always been tasty.  Today, it didn’t taste well…. ahh, did my taste buds change on cheese?  NOOOOO … Stomach still feeling okay so we shall see how it goes the rest of the day…

Had my cup of coffee as I started my day.

Well I am happy to announce, no side effects (yet!) from my cheese this morning. So when I made my chicken, broccoli and cauliflower casserole on Monday I mentioned I was hoping it was “creamier” – well I I was able to feed into that craving today with my lunch.  It was worth the process and everything.  “Pistachio Pesto Chicken Pasta” once again from  Wow, its creamy goodness and tasty all in one.  I hit the jackpot with this lunch … go ahead, make it yourself – you won’t regret it!

Wanted to get some more dairy in – still feeling good.  I decided to have a greek yogurt, I haven’t missed yogurt but I wanted to see what it did my system.  So far so good, it tasted super sugary though.  I had my banana with cashew butter as well.

Had my progenix shake on my way to CrossFit

Today’s WOD

Today’s warm-up and strength session was a good one.  I was pretty much sweating the entire workout today.

Met-Con 1
AMRAP for 3 minutes
Clean > Thruster > Back Squat > Push Press

I got 12 rounds

Met-Con 2
AMRAP for 3 minutes
12 wall ball
12 box jumps

My time was 7:32

Had my recovery shake on my drive home

Had my leftovers again of the chicken thigh, broccoli, cauliflower and mushroom casserole.  Still good.

Overall dairy didn’t bother me today (good news) but cheese tasted different (in a not good kind of way) so that was interesting.

On to the next day …


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