Well hello WHEAT…

Started off the day pretty normal.  Had about 8 hours of sleep.  Had set my alarm to wake up at 6:30am as we were heading up to Loon Mountain (about 90 minutes away) for the Highland Games.  I had slept at my sister’s house so I had 2 hard boiled eggs and a banana with home made cashew butter, it hit the spot.

Stopped to get gas and got a medium hot french vanilla black coffee from Dunks.

We got up to Lincoln, NH around 10AM.  We were all pretty hungry.  Once we entered the games we headed right to the food tents.  Well, this was going to be where my Whole30 ended and the re-introduction phase started.  There weren’t any food options that would work.  Luckily I was with Todd so he helped guide me.  We decided that today would be the re-introduction of WHEAT!!!  I started with a cup of soup, don’t remember the exact name of it – but it was Scottish.  It contained rice and definitely had sugar in it.  Within 30 minutes my stomach hurt. 

It was such a nice day out; we headed over to the beer tent to watch the games – which were pretty impressive.  I decided not to have a beer, but then had one 🙂  It tasted pretty good but was curious to see how long that would last.  After 2 beers we headed over to get some lunch.  Since wheat was the food group for the day, I split some Fish and Chips with my sister.  I had it last year and remembered it being pretty delicious; it wasn’t anything over the top today but it filled me up.  I had one more beer (3 total) and we called it a day.

The drive home was fine.  Felt pretty thirsty and was feeling tired but nothing crazy.  Dropped my sister and Todd off and decided I needed to hit the grocery store to pick up something easy for dinner.  By this point I was pretty hungry.  I had a headache, felt sluggish and my stomach didn’t feel horrible but (FYI – this will probably be T.M.I. but figure if you’re going to get the entire picture I need to share it all).  I had gas on my way home, which I hadn’t experienced on the Whole30 and definitely hadn’t missed that ~ LOL.

By the time I got home I felt real crappy.  I decided to make my dinner; roast chicken, spinach and a side of wheat pasta.  I took some ibuprofen (my head killed) and drank some water.  Dinner was okay, had to force myself to eat even though I was hungry.  My head felt a little clearer after eating but I still didn’t feel amazing.

The Whole30 RUINED MY LIFE! (lol).  Not really.  But when I started the Whole30 I felt “okay” (or at least I thought) but didn’t know or realize how crappy I did feel.  Because now after the Whole30 I have realized my body had changed.  I liked the way I felt during this process.  I am going to go through this re-introduction process but I know after I will be a lot more aware on my choices.  I like feeling AMAZING and not CRAPPY.  It is really that easy – changing the food on your plate really does change your life (who knew!).  What’s even crazier, after eating wheat for a day – who knew I felt crappy eating it on a regular basis, I thought the way I felt before was normal.  

Since I couldn’t weigh myself during this process I don’t know what weight loss I have experienced.  I do know my body has changed, my clothes are looser, I feel less bloated and I feel a lot better all around.  I will be weighing myself tomorrow morning and will report back though.

I now wait 1-2 days before moving onto the next re-introduction phase.  I’ll keep you posted 🙂

Big shout out to all of my supporters out there during this process and to everyone who has read my blog; very much appreciated!!!!

Stay tuned….



3 thoughts on “Well hello WHEAT…

  1. Great Job Jamie! You rocked it. I’m thinking my body is going to react to wheat in a similar fashion to yours. Super interested to see how next week goes for me. xoxo

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