Day 27

Got 8 1/2 hours of sleep last night.  For the most part I slept great, except my cat kept me waking me up most of the nigh.  Good thing I love him 🙂

Made 2 poached eggs, heated up some of the zucchini/sweet potato latkes, had 2 pieces of bacon, some fruit (strawberries, raspberries and blackberries) and a water.

Enjoyed my cup of coffee 🙂

Working hard today to clean out my fridge of all my leftovers since I won’t really be around this weekend.  I had my last pork chop with peaches (of course some applesauce too).  I had some cauliflower and peas and my seltzer.

Had a banana with some almond butter

Made myself a cup of tea and decided to re-read the “Re-Introduction” chapter in “It Starts with Food” so I could prepare myself for next week (my how my Friday nights have changed).  Well, that Pumpkin Beer is going to have to wait a little longer…  I’ll start by re-introduce some sugar for a day.  Then I’ll re-introduce some gluten containing grains, then I’ll re-introduce non-gluten grains.  It then says to re-introduce legumes, but it also states that if you don’t miss any of the food that you were eating before you started the Whole30 then it wouldn’t be worth adding it back in so I’m probably going to skip legumes altogether because I don’t miss them.  After each day that you re-introduce everything you’ll evaluate that for a day or so before moving on to the next re-introduction.  

To finish off my leftovers I had my chicken, roasted red pepper and spinach meal with leftover peas and my squash casserole.  It was good but I’m glad its all gone.

Great day and looking forward to an even better weekend.  Getting up early tomorrow to head to Connecticut with some fellow CrossFitters to meet Rich Froning.  Should be a fun time.

On to day 28….


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