Day 25

Got 9 hours of sleep last night.  Slept pretty good.  I’m very happy to be going to the chiropractor later today; my body needs it!

Made 2 poached eggs, heated up some of the zucchini/sweet potato latkes, had 2 pieces of bacon, some fruit (strawberries, raspberries and blackberries) and water.

Enjoyed my cup of coffee 🙂

I was excited for lunch today.  I made Pork Chops with Peaches, had some unsweetened applesauce as well as carrots and my usual seltzer.  It was delicious


Went to the Chiropractor today – man did my body need it.  She said I was very off balance and I agreed.  She also said she noticed a difference; not only in my looks 🙂 but also that I was easier to adjust since starting the Whole30, which I was thought was interesting.  I told her that my muscles have been spasming lately, waking me up at night.  She said that I was probably lacking some minerals and should take some vitamins to help.  She recommended potassium, magnesium and a multi-vitamin.  I decided to ask Todd to see what he thought – turns out, add some leafy greens and more veggies and I would be okay; who would have thought???  Guess I need to do that then 🙂

Even though I had time, I totally got lost in the day and forgot to make hard boiled eggs.  So my shake and a banana it was on my way to the gym.

Got to the gym early, so I rowed 1,500 meters and then spent sometime stretching.

Strength/Skill – Turkish Getup

Today’s WOD

Met-con; AMRAP 12
Run x2
10 Pull-ups

I got 3 rounds + run x2 + 1 pull up

I’m getting way better at pull ups and I actually thought that couldn’t happen so I am really happy about that.

Had my recovery shake on my way home.

3rd night of my favorite chicken leftover with tomatoes and asparagus.  Still a hit 🙂

Overall great day.  Woke up to some great comments on my blog from last night.  Which inspired me and gave me motivation for the day. I will say I’m a little nervous for the Whole30 to end.  Todd said he had pizza the other day (my all time favorite) and that it wasn’t worth it; his taste buds had changed.  Oh no, what have I done???  LOL

On to day 26…


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