Day 23

Got 9 hours of sleep last night.  Slept like a rock.  I was exhausted from yesterday and my body was sore from the race, plus it dropped down into the 50’s last night.  Woke up feeling refreshed.  I did have a guilty dream though, woke up feeling guilty that I ate cheez-its.  In my dream, I was about to indulge in the box when my friend called me out on it so as I put it back in the pantry I took a handful and sneaked them into the bathroom.  The dream was so real I woke up feeling like I had really done it and I was feeling super guilty.  Luckily though it was only a dream 🙂

I was in the kitchen by 7:30 this morning and attempted making zucchini and sweet potato latkes.  It wasn’t my best attempt but they were still tasty.  I should have made it last night when I wasn’t on a time constraint.  I had it with 3 eggs, although I think I only ate 2 (3 was too many this morning) and I had 2 pieces of bacon as well.

Enjoyed a cup of coffee before starting my day 🙂

So maybe I should have had that 3rd egg after all.  I was really hungry and felt like I had no energy.  I had a video conference call at 11AM so I needed something to get me over my hump.  I had a banana with a little almond butter (for the extra fat) and it seemed to do the trick.

I was hungry for lunch (even with my snack).  I heated up some leftovers.  I had some of my spinach, roasted red pepper, chicken meal with the sweet potato casserole and a seltzer (no picture).  It was good!

Dinner was AMAZING!!!  Now, I’m a fan of Shake-n-bake, yes I’ll admit it.  But after tonight’s dinner, who needs it – I can make my own version 🙂  I had 1 1/2 chicken tenders with diced tomatoes and roasted asparagus.  It was WICKED good.

Today was a good day, nothing great.  My body was really exhausted today but I pushed through.  On to day 24….


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