Day 17

Slept great again last night.  I have always been a good hard sleeper so sleeping has never been an issue.  But I will say these past few days I’m sleeping harder (like a baby) and waking up without an alarm (loving that) and having energy as soon as I wake up (I use to sometimes have to drag myself out of it).  I got 9 hours of sleep!

I had 3 eggs, with my mix of veggies and 2 pieces of bacon with my fish oil and water.

Re-created yesterday’s lunch.  Had the Waldorf Tuna Salad on granny smith apples, with roasted cumin carrots and some cucumber slices.  Very satisfying and of course enjoyed my seltzer along with it 🙂

Had a banana with some almond butter again today – so freaking delicious 🙂

On my way to CF I had 2 hard boiled eggs

Got to the gym early, so I rowed 1,600 meters.
Then I started our WOD.  I was the only one for the 6:30PM class so it was a fast workout.
Deadlift – I did 125 lbs
6, 6, 5, 5, 4, 4

“Tabata” (20 seconds on/10 seconds off)
4 rounds Front Squat (55 lbs)
4 rounds Shoulders to Overhead (55 lbs)
I got 3 for each but I did the prescribed weight 🙂

Had my recovery shake as I drove home

wasn’t super hungry or super excited about dinner but forced myself to eat.  i had 2 left over bora bora fireballs with confetti couscous cauliflower.  it wasn’t amazing, but did the trick.

Overall today was a great day.  I had a lot of energy.
On to day 18….


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