Day 14

I was having a leg spasm again while trying to fall asleep last night so I got up and did some stretches, seemed to do the trick.  Slept good last night – 8 hours.  6am seems to be my wake up call these days.

Typically I wake up with 10-20 minutes before I need to head out the door for CrossFit.  Since I was up early I decided to have a full breakfast.  I had 3 eggs and 1/2 pieces of bacon (i had only 3 pieces left and wanted to make sure i had some for tomorrow morning).  I also had some strawberries, raspberries and blackberries with a water.

Since I got up early, I headed to the box early and got some rowing in.  Got in 2,500 meters 🙂

Kettlebell Class.  Got some great stretching/mobility in before going over some basics and then we did the WOD.
AMRAP for 15 minutes
10 KB Swings (26 lbs)
20 Doubles/40 Singles on Jump Rope
15 second rest
I got 12 rounds 🙂

I knew today might be challenging as I headed to Hampton Beach with my friends for the annual Seafood Festival.  I offered to be the DD since I couldn’t drink.  It was a great day at the beach but the food selections for me weren’t that good.  Oh man, the lobster mac n’ cheese was so TEMPTING, it looked and smelled so amazing.  As did some other food items but I had a goal and I was sticking to it.

Made our way through the food tents (past the beer tent, lol).  I had 4 scallops wrapped in bacon.  It wasn’t breaded but I think it was deep fried but it was my best option.  Then had 5 steak skewers, again I am sure it was marinated in something not “Whole30” approved but was better than any of the fried options.  My friends were great and made sure I was good the whole time.

I was thirsty and not satisfied so I stopped at the coffee tent and got a french vanilla iced coffee, it hit the spot.

We stopped at a local bar so they could have some more drinks and I decided it was probably a good idea I order some food.  Again, there wasn’t anything on the menu I could eat so I sort of made up my own meal and the waitress was very understanding.  I ordered the BLT Sandwich.  I had them hold the mayo, hold the sandwich bread and put grilled chicken on it.  It definitely wasn’t my favorite or amazing by any means but it filled my void.
I got home around 9PM and could have eaten something but didn’t have anything that sounded good.  So I’m having a seltzer, making my grocery list for tomorrow morning and then heading to bed.

Overall, fun day with my friends and at the beach.  Eating wise not great (sorry for the lack of pictures today), but I stuck to my guns (thanks to supporting friends) and its on to Day 15…..


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